Aggie Mutuma

CEO, Mahogany Inclusion Partners

Aggie, a multiple award-winning leader, is the CEO of Mahogany Inclusion Partners. With remarkable expertise in Inclusion and Anti-Racism, she is a passionate advocate, executive leadership coach, and engaging speaker, dedicated to fostering thriving cultures within organisations. Her achievements have earned her recognition as a top 20 Most Influential HR Thinker in 2022, as voted by her peers. Aggie's impactful work involves collaborating with executive leadership teams to implement comprehensive DEI and Anti-Racism strategies. Her clients span a wide range of industries, including global FTSE100 organisations, consultancy firms, retailers, as well as third sector and public sector entities. Utilising a combination of strategic thinking and compassionately challenging coaching methods, Aggie guides Exco teams and their organisations through transformational change, cultivating psychologically safe spaces that encourage behaviour change and the development of inclusive cultures. Renowned as a trusted advisor for the CIPD, Aggie is also a captivating speaker who has spoken at prestigious events such as the CBI and the CIPD Annual Conference.