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Why are you exhibiting at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition?
In September, we took part in the Engage Internal Communication Conference in London, which focused on cooperation between HR and IC departments – as both are actually working towards the same goals. Hearing about this topic, other products in the field and the needs of the companies, we understood that our product fits in very well, but as we focus on frontline employees, there isn’t nothing quite like our solution on the market yet. Therefore, CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition is a perfect event for us – where else could we meet hundreds of experienced HR specialists from various industries who to learn from?

Are you looking to reach a particular audience?
GuavaHR focuses on the industries where the majority of the workforce is made up from frontline workers: manufacturing, HoReCa, retail, and our favourite – logistics. Thus, we really look forward to meeting with HR specialists from such companies. However, even though the engagement problem is the most severe among frontline employees, workers of other types – even in offices of IT-companies – for some reason struggle, too. We’d like to hear about those experiences and share what we have learned.

What will you be doing on your exhibitor stand?
How does it feel like to evaluate employee engagement with no useful data or proper tools available for it? It’s something many HR and IC specialists struggle with every day. We’ll introduce a new take on an old favourite, a known children’s game, so that our visitors could really get into that feeling. A cash prize will be drawn between all participants!

…and now that the players have felt how it is like to grope in the dark, we will be available to demonstrate both the mobile app and PC version of GuavaHR and discuss how proper useful data and simple tools could help any company succeed in engagement. Simply put: how to leave no frontline, remote or office worker behind.

Last but definitely not least: we are really looking forward to hearing from those companies who are already doing really well in terms of IC and employee engagement. What do you do for it? We’d really like to know! Please feel free to give us a visit at our exhibitor stand.

What’s your top tip for making the most of the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition?
We have experienced that getting in-depth knowledge on the topics that are still fairly new to the field can give an important head start. Start learning now and it’s much easier to keep up later! Digital workforce, engagement and people analytics are some of the hot topics right now – and these are all discussed at the conference!

If you had to sum up the event in two words, what would those be?
Can’t wait!

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