Covid-19 has thrown up many challenges for the people profession.

But CIPD Learning has seen this as an opportunity to champion continuing professional development (CPD) to support people teams during these turbulent times.

Why is continuing professional development (CPD) important?

CPD is important for your growth and success as a people professional – not least in a time of unprecedented change. To be at the forefront of your profession and ready to face these challenges head on, it’s integral that you feel confident in your knowledge and ability to handle any situation.

Training can give you that confidence. Whether you are starting out in your career or an established professional, developing your skills and knowledge can help you more effectively address challenges and advise your organisation.

How can CIPD Learning help?

The workplace as we know it has changed. So, to help you and your team adapt to the evolving challenges, CIPD Learning has developed a portfolio of expert-led live online courses.

Informed by the latest research and aligned to the CIPD Profession Map, they are your toolkit to navigate the new world of work.

Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning at the CIPD comments, “Now is a crucial time for people professionals and, as the professional body for personnel and development, the CIPD has had to step up to the plate. That’s provided an exciting challenge for my team to ensure we provide expert knowledge and up-to-the-minute content for all our learners but in an accessible virtual format.

“Our live online courses offer you the opportunity to continue to develop as a people professional from the safety of your home. They are easy to access, high-quality and pertinent to the workforce of today.”

What is a live online course?

A live online course is learning delivered in real-time with a subject matter expert through our online learning platform. 

Just like with a face-to-face course, you will receive:

  • access to a subject matter expert who will deliver the modules  
  • chance to network and ask questions of your peers also taking the course  
  • access to additional practical resources

The only difference is that you will be attending from your home rather than sitting in a physical classroom.

What can I learn?

All CIPD Learning courses are developed in line with the latest research and cover the most relevant and critical skills, knowledge and capabilities needed to support the profession today. Topics include general HR, employment law, L&D, OD, business skills and more. 

We can also tailor courses to your organisational needs and deliver in-house for teams of people.

Online learning not for you?

Not to worry, we are still offering face-to-face courses returning in Spring/Summer 2021. 

Visit the CIPD stand at the CIPD Annual Conference & Exhibition to find out more about our live online courses and the opportunities available to you. As a CIPD member or charity, you can receive a 10% discount on all training courses.

Looking for more support and guidance?

Take a look at CIPD HR-inform, the essential online companion for busy HR professionals. Keep up to date with the latest changes in legislation, and access tools and templates you can use to transform your HR practices. Book a free tour today and quote #ACEonline for 10% off the subscription fee, in addition to a 50% discount for CIPD members.