The Benefits of Hybrid Learning in L&D

The move to remote working has caused organisations and L&D professionals alike to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of the future of L&D and its approach to learning.

With increased demand from employees to continue a flexible working schedule as we emerge from the pandemic, it’s no wonder that hybrid learning – which combines digital and in-person training methods –  is quickly becoming the most popular approach to L&D in the new world of work.

To give you a more comprehensive idea of what hybrid learning brings to the table, we discuss the five major benefits of hybrid learning that every HR and L&D professional should know about.

1. Accessible and Inclusive
What makes a hybrid learning approach so useful for modern organisations is that it allows organisations to provide training to all employees, regardless of whether they’re working from home or in the office, in the UK or internationally. On-demand learning also broadens access to employees who may have tight schedules or are in different time zones.

This is vital in a world that’s moving towards a hybrid working approach, where many employees are working remotely full-time while others split time between office and home. 

This is particularly important when it comes to team building, as employees who learn together – even if they’re not physically in the same room – are likely to feel they are part of a team with common goals and shared experiences to work from.

2. Flexible and Engaging
When given the opportunity to participate in learning sessions that are tailored to their personal needs – whether that’s in-person or remote, live or on-demand – employees are likely to be more engaged than when training is delivered with a one-size-fits-all approach.

That’s why providing a flexible digital learning experience that employees can access from anywhere should be a top priority for L&D leaders and teams. Implementing a flexible learning schedule and varied methods for how employees can engage with their learning materials, coworkers, and instructors can help keep employees motivated and engaged.

Keep in mind that hybrid learning is not about replacing classrooms with online and virtual learning. Instead, it’s about using a combination of in-person and digital approaches to tailor training initiatives to the needs of each employee, creating an inclusive environment where employees can feel motivated, engaged, and excited when it comes to their continual professional development.

3. Cost and Time Effective
On any typical day, most of us have one hundred and one tasks to juggle, whether that be work, family, friends, or a plethora of other commitments and responsibilities.

Digital learning options make it easier for employees to fit training into a busy day, reducing the time spent out-of-office or travelling to training venues. 

Organisations also have the chance to benefit from reduced training costs, as digital learning removes or reduces the bill for transport, venues, accommodation, and even trainer fees, as many more people can attend a virtual session than a live one.

This positively impacts not only employee satisfaction but the organisations’ bottom line as a result.

4. It’s What Employees Want
Perhaps the most important benefit of hybrid learning is that it’s what employees want – plain and simple.

Unsurprisingly, the demand for hybrid learning is on the rise, and according to LinkedIn’s 2020 Workplace Learning Report, 57% of L&D professionals claim that they spend more time with hybrid learning than they did a few years ago, with 37% claiming they spend less time with in-person training.

LinkedIn also found that 58% of people professionals surveyed want to learn at their own pace, making it clear that employees prefer a flexible approach to learning to match the flexibility of hybrid work.

It’s safe to say that the hybrid approach to L&D is here to stay – now it’s up to forward-thinking people professionals to embrace this modern learning experience and use it to cultivate an engaged, motivated, and highly skilled workforce.

Good luck!

Incorporate digital learning into your L&D strategy with ICS Learn’s accredited online professional qualifications, from CMI to CIPD.

Business resilience, workplace flexibility and people connectivity: all in a single integrated platform?


For organisations wanting to streamline their HR and Payroll processes, is the most intuitive, fully integrated, cloud-based, mobile-first HR & Payroll platform available.

People First addresses all an organisation’s HCM needs, including recruitment, talent management, learning and development, payroll, HR analytics, workforce management, employee engagement and internal communications, from a single, easy-to-use, cloud-based platform.

Here are its top five benefits:

1. Simplify and automate time-consuming processes – People First provides a single repository for all HR and Payroll data, reducing exposure to human error resulting from manual data entry or reliance on copying and pasting between spreadsheets or different systems. As a single system, it requires no integration, reduces support costs, and improves data security.

2. Connect and align a dispersed mobile workforce – People First is an intuitive, mobile-friendly platform. It enables employees to work from any location at any time, accessing the tools and information they need quickly and easily, wherever they are located, delivering workplace flexibility and greater resilience for the business. Ideal for organisations with an internationally dispersed workforce, supporting localisation with different time zones and numerous languages to ensure your people feel supported and connected no matter where they are. With a mobile-first design, employees can access the system from their smart phone delivering an entire HR system “in their pocket”.

3. Empower and nurture valuable talent – People First gives you the tools you need to identify and attract the right candidates to enhance the talent pool within your organisation. Employee performance and development can be easily and effectively managed, to ensure you’re maximising the potential contribution of every individual and promoting the wellbeing of your employees by supporting and rewarding their development.

4. Improve data visibility and make more informed business decisions – People First’s powerful analytics features enable you gain insights from your people data, helping you identify new opportunities across your workforce and inform strategic thinking at every level.

5. Eliminate inefficiency by consolidating HR Infrastructure – People First enables you to reduce direct license and maintenance costs, by replacing multiple systems with a single, integrated platform, reducing your administrative and IT support overheads.

The aim of People First is to give customers the power to drive business resilience, workplace flexibility and people connectivity throughout their organisations, while simplifying the most time-consuming people processes and offering the insight to make decisions with confidence and to have impact on the bottom line.

Come and see us at Stand E10.

Learninghubz boosts learner engagement & sharpens L&D effectiveness with the best of YouTube

Learning Hubz

Learninghubz, the L&D content curation specialist that connects corporate learners with the very best from YouTube for skills development, has chosen CIPD 2021 in Manchester to make its UK debut.

Regarded as one of Portugal’s most exciting learning tech start-ups, Learninghubz combines a video content curation service performed by an expert team of people – not AI algorithms – with a modern workplace learning hub, multi-channel communications, and smart customisation options, to offer L&D departments a low cost, high value alternative to expensive and closed content libraries.

Lifelong learning engagement
Designed to enable any organisation to introduce a culture of lifelong learning and self-development, Learninghubz succeeds where other L&D platforms fail. This because content curation is the missing ingredient in most people development strategies. Learninghubz curates the best content available and makes it accessible to employees in an entertaining way.

L&D departments using Learninghubz can instantly respond to employee development needs – with relevant learning content covering over 80 topic areas and the ability to easily launch targeted learning campaigns to address new learning goals.

Increasing the relevance of L&D content
As an online YouTube curation service, Learninghubz benefits L&D departments in two ways. Firstly, by identifying the very best free content on the most in demand topics – digital, management, professional and leadership skills; and secondly, by curating additional content, based on an organisation’s specific requirements.

Learninghubz’s curation team, led by CEO and Chief Curator, João Nogueira Santos, operates by searching, collecting, tagging and organising into playlists the best quality and most creative L&D videos freely available on YouTube. Published in engaging formats, like bite-sized tips, animated book summaries or short movies, these are being created by the world’s leading experts and business schools, plus brilliant independent L&D influencers.

Currently over 10,000 videos are offered within a Learninghubz subscription and fresh new content is added to the user’s learning hub every day.

YouTube is #1 learning resource
By providing the very best content from YouTube, the #1 learning platform for Generation Z and Millennials, Learninghubz makes workplace learning easy and spontaneous. Learning becomes engaging, diversified and up to date, with none of the distractions, ads and timewasting that usually come when using YouTube. Learninghubz also avoids HR budgets being wasted buying uninspiring L&D libraries, because for the majority of learning needs, better content already exists on YouTube which is freely available.

Over 30,000 corporate learners across Europe are already using Learninghubz and reporting unprecedented levels of learner engagement and satisfaction. Learninghubz’ NPS (Net Promoter Score) as reported by employee users, is 51 or 8,6/10.

“Learninghubz has enabled Sonae to offer a really engaging and fun L&D experience to all employees. Short videos are the best way to encourage learning and our employees are embracing this format. Using Learninghubz also brings us huge advantages of scale, consistency and agility in responding to the different training needs within Sonae”, says Cristina Rodrigues, Corporate Learning Manager at Sonae.

João Nogueira Santos, Co-founder and CEO at Learninghubz says, “Video has universal appeal, it is the easiest, most natural way to learn about any topic and YouTube is a huge, untapped resource. It has already brought about a generational shift in the way new generations learn and expand their knowledge and now Learninghubz is enabling this shift with corporate learners. Our goal is to bring YouTube’s best, most enjoyable and relevant L&D content to every workplace learner and convert this amazing resource into an invaluable tool for people development.”

Find out more on stand D46 at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition 2021. 

The impact of the IR35 reform on HR Practitioners


Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance provides market-leading solutions to over 500 partners, recruiters and accountants. Kingsbridge provide business insurance to limited company contractors, sole traders, and freelancers, as well as supporting organisations, including HR professionals, with their insurance compliance requirements.

In addition, Kingsbridge can support HR professionals, organisations and their contractor base with the IR35 legislation. Read on to find out more about the IR35 reform and how Kingsbridge can help.

What has changed with IR35?
The off-payroll legislation, otherwise known as IR35, is a complicated piece of tax legislation that first came in back in 2020. In a nutshell, the IR35 reform in April of this year saw the liability for assessing a contractor’s employment status (working in the private sector) shift from the contractor to the client they provide services to. In addition, the responsibility of any taxes and national insurance payments owed for the work now sits with the fee-payer. You can find out more about IR35 on the Kingsbridge blog.

Exploring the impact of the IR35 reform on HR practitioners
Kingsbridge will be at the annual CIPD event from 3-4 November to help you with everything related to IR35 and contractor insurance. In addition to having a stand (they will be at stand K30, make sure to go and say hi!), they will be holding an IR35 focused talk.

The talk will be held by Kingsbridge’s Legal Manager, Nicola Hayman and Andy Vessey, Head of Tax at Kingsbridge. Andy has been deeply involved with IR35 since its inception in the year 2000 and has personally defended more than 500 IR35 cases, winning almost every single one.

Andy and Nicola will be exploring the impact of the IR35 reform on HR practitioners, covering:
– The background of IR35, from when it was first introduced in 2000, to how the legislation stands today.
– Explaining where the PAYE and NIC liability now sits.
– Giving an overview of the latest IR35 news, including details on the recent HMRC compliance letters that have been sent.
– The impact the IR35 reform has had on the contractor market and finding talent in this space.

IR35 support from Kingsbridge
If you are feeling overwhelmed about IR35, or need assistance, Kingsbridge is here to help. They have developed a robust process to help HR professionals, offering a complete IR35 solution covering:
– An award-winning status determination tool;
– IR35 Insurance, which can be purchased by the contractor or recruiter;
– Consultancy services from their expert IR35 team.

To find out more about the tool, or to book a demo, don’t forget you can come and see them at stand K30 at the CIPD event. Alternatively, if you’ve missed them or are unable to attend, you can book a demo of the IR35 tool.

About Kingsbridge
Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance provides business insurance to their contractor base, having served over 50,000 customers to date. The comprehensive insurance has been specifically designed to suit the needs of a contractor, with professional indemnity, public liability, and employers’ liability at the forefront. The cover also includes occupational personal accident cover and directors’ and officers’ liability.

Kingsbridge’s award-winning IR35 solution has been designed to help all parties in the IR35 supply chain. The hybrid IR35 status tool offers a fully automated process, paired with manual review by an in-house IR35 expert team for any borderline results. The innovative insurance product protects all parties and can be purchased by anyone in the supply chain.

For more information, please visit

Explorance to Showcase Employee Experience Management Solutions at CIPD Conference


Explorance, the leading provider of Employee Experience Management (EXM) solutions, will attend at the upcoming CIPD Conference in Manchester Central, UK, from 3-4 November.

Showcasing the very best EXM solutions at Stand C21 throughout the conference, Explorers will be standing by to help HR professionals tackle their pressing L&D and talent management challenges.

Supporting Employees from Hire to Retire
Explorance is attending the CIPD Conference as The Great Resignation continues to unfold, with employee turnover and role satisfaction being key challenges for HR and L&D teams.

As the leading provider of EXM solutions, Explorance supports more than 1,000 organizations in 45 countries, including 35% of the Fortune 100.

The importance of a comprehensive feedback process, geared towards making the transition from insight to action and support the employee experience, is increasingly vital. An adaptive approach to Employee Experience Management will pay dividends in boosted engagement, performance, and reduced attrition.

This year’s CIPD conference also takes place at a time when demonstrating an L&D team’s contribution towards business goals is crucial. HR leaders need to substantiate the impact their team is having on the business at large, as well as continually measuring and increasing the effectiveness of current initiatives.

Finally, the importance of the employee voice is increasingly vital in this highly competitive environment. Organizations run the danger of collecting feedback but not acting on it – demotivating and disappointing staff. Ensuring your decision-making is made in harmony with business goals as well as employee sentiment is challenging, but increasingly achievable.

Join Explorance at Stand C21 from 3-4 November and get the expert guidance you need to comprehensively address both these challenges – and those unique to your organizations.

CIPD Conference
The CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition 2021 is based around the theme of seizing the opportunity of disruption and realizing a more responsible working world.

With the impact that COVID-19 has had on modern workplaces, HR professionals are presented with a unique opportunity to reform and restructure the workplace into an improved environment for all.

Above all, there is a widespread acceptance that the quality of working lives can be radically improved –CIPD 2021 will focus on the opportunities that exist to improve engagement and inclusion, hybrid working, and other transformational changes.

The conference will be based around three specific streams: hybrid and flexible working, inclusion and engagement, and strategic planning.

Single workplace app Yoomiapp is attending the CIPD Conference and Exhibition

Yoomiapp is attending the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition 2021 ‘Seizing the opportunity: reinventing HR to create a responsible working world’ at Manchester Central on 3-4 November 2021.

Yoomiapp is excited to be showcasing the single workplace app that changes everything! It is a simple workplace platform that transforms the engagement, performance, and wellbeing practices of the modern hybrid workplace.

Right at this moment and for the future of work, the distance between people exists as does increased mental health and anxiety in the workplace. Employees can find it difficult to convey how they really feel at work, especially under time and distance pressures.

Yoomiapp allows for employees to express their feelings quickly, openly, and honestly with ease of use and the visual mobile app.

Come and visit us at stand D13 at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition and save hours of research back in the office.

Hive HR’s customers now benefit from a holistic approach to employee voice


Hive (HR) has zoomed out from a specific focus on employee feedback to take a more encompassing view of employee voice as a whole.

Gathering and analysing employee feedback allows organisations to make informed decisions and take action that will benefit their people and their bottom line. Amplifying employee voice, on the other hand, not only encourages the quantity and quality of that feedback, but it also comes with intrinsic benefits; when employees know they can freely speak up without fear of any consequences and are encouraged to do so, they feel valued, respected and cared for.

When asked what was behind the new approach, Hive’s CEO and Founder, John Ryder, said: “Employee voice is so important when it comes to being agile and adapting to change—something that’s become abundantly clear to us as we’ve been supporting our customers through COVID. Every ‘black swan event’ is followed by change programmes as organisations try to adapt or respond, and we’ve found that surveys alone aren’t enough—especially with dispersed workforces. To have a real impact, there’s a need for a concerted and continuous effort to give employees the freedom and motivation to speak up in all forms.”

In order to amplify employee voice, Hive uses its platform’s four flagship features and People Science partnership to help its 126 customers:
– Develop impactful and sustainable employee voice strategies
– Get leaders on board with the initiative
– Open up a variety of channels for employees to have their say
– Make sure employees know how they can speak up, why they should and that nothing they say will come back to them
– Build bespoke surveys, analyse and report on the findings, and present recommended actions.

About Hive HR: Founded in 2015 with a headquarters in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Hive is an employee voice platform and strategic HR partnership. To find out more, visit or get in touch at Or visit stand J10 at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition 2021.

Thomas International launches hybrid working support for businesses


New psychometric assessment outcomes provide deep insights into hybrid working

Thomas International (“Thomas”), the global talent assessment platform provider, has announced the introduction of new content that supports hybrid working to its category-leading platform.

The new content outcomes are fed by the Thomas Personality and Behaviour assessments and allow organisations to understand at a glance the resilience levels, approach to risk and remote working style of individuals across their teams. Data on individuals’ approach to risk and stress can be used alongside the remote working content to give leaders and managers an objective measure of organisational capability when hybrid working.

Based on Big Five theory, a globally recognised and respected psychological model, the Thomas Personality assessment unlocks deep insights into the traits that drive the way people work, providing an advanced understanding of employee behaviour in areas such as goal setting, coping with stress, handling change, creativity, risk, and competition.

With its roots in the DISC theory originally proposed by William Moulton Marston, the Thomas Behaviour assessment helps HR professionals and people managers to easily understand how their individuals are best managed, motivated, onboarded into new roles and explore whether they are a behavioural fit for specific roles.

Taking less than ten minutes each to complete, the Personality and Behaviour assessments provide businesses seeking to recover from the pandemic with instant insights that make it easier to make smarter, data-driven people decisions, without having to invest in training, accreditation, or organisational psychologists. Recruitment candidates and employees who take the test can immediately review a summary of their assessment results, to gain greater self-awareness of their traits and how others might see them.

Paired with Thomas’ Aptitude assessment, the Personality and Behaviour assessments deliver in-depth insights into the strengths and support areas for employees and hiring candidates working in a hybrid environment. This enables organisations to use the extra insight gained from these tests to predict hybrid working performance and create strategies and policies for hybrid working that pre-emptively meet the needs of their workforce.

Commenting on the launch, Sabby Gill, CEO at Thomas says: “Businesses must fully understand the complexity of human behaviour if they are to make hybrid working a success. It is a cliche but also a truism to say that we are all different. We react and cope in different ways and by truly acknowledging this, businesses will create a brighter tomorrow.

We don’t have a playbook for hybrid working, and as they seek to recover from the pandemic, businesses cannot afford to make costly mistakes in setting their policies for hybrid work. With our assessments, businesses can ensure that these policies support their people to succeed in the new normal.”

Visit stand G22 at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition 2021 to find out more.

Imperial College Business School and Corndel partner to deliver Apprenticeship Programmes

Imperial College
Imperial College Business School and Corndel have launched a new strategic partnership that brings together the academic excellence of a world-leading business school and the expertise of the country’s largest management training provider. The partnership will result in the creation of several world-class, high-impact training courses. In England, these can be fully funded through the Government’s Apprenticeship Levy.  

The first course launched under the partnership is the Imperial College and Corndel Executive Development Programme, which equips participants with the practical leadership skills required to motivate teams, inspire change and improve business performance.  

Participants will develop and evolve their leadership skills in the context of digitally transformed organisations. Topics include understanding digital value sources, implementing digital transformation, and navigating regulatory and cyber security challenges.  

A blended digital curriculum for the technology-enabled, the programme includes group seminars, masterclasses and continuous, personalised one-on-one coaching.  

Going live in October 2021, the 12-month programme is designed for professionals who have at least five years of management experience and are looking to progress into senior management roles. Candidates will be assessed on their ability to undertake the course rather than any previous A-level or degree-based qualification they may have.  

Upon programme completion, participants will receive an apprenticeship, Chartered  Management Institute qualification and Imperial College Business School Executive Education  Associate Alumni status.  

David Brown, Imperial College Business School’s Director of Executive Education said: “Imperial College Business School is delighted to partner with Corndel in this major initiative in executive education. At Imperial, we are committed to increasing access to leading edge thinking for businesses and organisations. We want to help individuals translate learning into practice and make a difference at speed. This initiative is in response to huge demand from companies and organisations seeking to increase their capabilities in management, leadership and technology. And in this case, using the terrific opportunity afforded by the Apprenticeship  Levy.” 

James Kelly, Corndel’s Co-Founder said: “Corndel are delighted to be partnering with Imperial College Business School to continue to redefine the traditional apprenticeship and take forward our vision of brilliant lifelong learning for all. This partnership breaks down the silo between academic excellence and vocational training. It will give a new generation of managers both the management theory and the  practical workplace skills required for today’s workplace”

The Imperial College and Corndel Executive Development Programme will be open to applications from October 2021. If you are interested in helping your employees build stronger leadership skills to drive performance within your organisation, please get in touch here. Or visit stand J42 at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition 2021.

MOL invite you to ‘Meet the Tutors’ at CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition 2021


Delegates at this year’s CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition will have the opportunity to meet MOL’s expert tutors as they share their knowledge and answer questions.

Conference attendees are invited to ‘Meet the tutors’ between 12.30 and 3.30pm each day, on stand K12, to learn about MOL’s Human Resources (HR) and Learning and Development (L&D) programmes, the themes and subjects they cover and the study options available to you.

Whether you’re an individual learner or an HR training manager, this is a perfect opportunity to find out more about MOL’s programmes, from content to support and delivery, all while enjoying a well-deserved cuppa and piece of cake!*

Suzanne Greene, Training Specialist – HR, is one of the tutors who will be available to chat to. She said: “I’m really looking forward to the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition. Having the opportunity to speak to a diverse range of people professionals over the two days is an exciting prospect. The last 18 months has seen such a shift in the way people work that it’s good to have a chance to take stock, reflect and discuss the opportunities training can offer HR professionals as we move forward.”

The MOL team will be located at stand K12 throughout the conference, speaking to delegates about their HR and L&D programmes, and the flexible approach to studying.

MOL, a CIPD Organisational Delivery Partner (ODP), offer learners the option to choose from three study modes: On Demand, which gives you the flexibility to study at your own pace, fitting around your work and home life; Live Online, which gives you the benefits of On Demand, but with the addition of live interactive webinar sessions with your tutor and peers; and Classroom, which offers the additional support of the classroom environment with a clear timetable and structured workshops where UK based learners can meet, interact, and network with their tutor and peers.

MOL Programme Advisors will also be on hand to discuss MOL’s suite of professional training programmes including CMI Management and Leadership and APM Project Management qualifications, and HR apprenticeships.

The MOL team looks forward to seeing you there.

* Refreshments will only be available during the conference lunch break.