Debate the hottest topics, high on the agenda

Tap into others’ experiences and share ideas as you debate the hottest topics, high on the agenda for the people profession in these facilitated roundtable sessions.

From employee wellbeing and flexible working, to vaccine hesitancy, you’ll address the biggest questions that you’re facing today and support your peers with their challenges at the same time. 


Day one: Wednesday 3 November 2021

Vaccine hesitancy
Will vaccine hesitancy cause real problems to your business, or not?

“But you’re not ‘fine’ are you?”
How do we get our people to open up about how they’re really feeling?

I&D in the recruitment process
How do you change your recruitment processes to better support inclusion and diversity? How do you build truly inclusive and diverse teams?

What’s some great advice that you’ve been given at work?
What would you tell your younger professional self based on what you now know?

Day two: Thursday 4 November 2021

Absence levels are down, but are people happy and healthy?
How do you promote wellbeing at work?

Is the office ‘going, going gone!’?
What are the benefits to employers, teams and individuals of hybrid working?

How do you deliver bad news at work, well?
Whether on an individual or organisation wide basis.

How do we make flexible working available for everyone?
Are there sector, job function blocks to flexible working? Are they real? How can they be overcome?