Explore the Insights stages at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition

Hear from experts up close and personal across two stages of Insights sessions. Providing you with tailored advice and tools to tackle the key challenges facing people professionals today.

You can access the Insights sessions with a free exhibition pass. All sessions will be available to join at Manchester Central and also on the online event platform – streamed live on the day or available to view on-demand for 90 days.

Day one: Wednesday 3 November 2021

Stream one

Skills and Organisations

Stream two

Technology and Innovation

Capita’s story: using the apprenticeship levy to build a Leadership Academy
Imperial College >
Hear how Capita are combining academic excellence and one-to-one mentoring to build strategic and commercial skills for their next generation of leaders. Apprenticeship Levy-funded, delivered by Imperial College and Corndel.
Imperial College

Understanding the potential and perils of hybrid working, with science
Jayson Darby, Director of Science, Thomas International >
Top insights from psychological science about the potential and perils of hybrid working; exploring characteristics of those who love and loathe hybrid working and how businesses and employees can succeed.

We need to talk about money (and mental health) at work
Octopus MoneyCoach >
Money is now the #1 cause of employee stress and poor mental health. And there’s no one to talk to about it. Learn 10 things employers can do to face down the biggest remaining taboo and start the conversation.
Octopus MoneyCoach

Remote working; the impact on workplace behaviour
Dr. Stewart Desson, CEO, Lumina Learning >
We are all aware of how significant the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has been across all sectors of work, and the impact it has had on people’s lives. The big question is – has this fundamentally changed who we are? Or will the roll out of vaccines result in a ‘flip back’ to times pre-Covid?

Leveraging employee voice to drive organisational excellence
Naomi Crozier, Lead People Scientist, Hive HR
Find out how to nurture a culture built around employee voice and maximise everything from your employee experience to organisational performance.

Six principles for meaningful ethnicity pay reporting
Charles Cotton, CIPD and Deb Clarke, Manchester City Council >
Many UK businesses recognise the need for race equality and social inclusion in the workplace, but the picture looks much less promising when it comes to tackling pay discrimination. Explore six leading principles to maximise opportunity and minimize the challenges of ethnicity pay reporting.

Exploring the impact of the IR35 reform on HR practitioners
Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance
– Why has the IR35 reform caused a huge shortage in the market?
– How can you continue to access and attract contractor talent compliantly?
– Using technology and insurance to help mitigate your risk.

The new age of responsibility – care, connect, celebrate your employees
Mona Akiki, Chief People Officer, Perkbox >
As organisations become increasingly diverse – with different demographics spread across different geographies – how can they create a clear, common, and compelling culture for the evolving, international workforce?

How to beat workplace stress in just 10 minutes
Nikki J. Owen, Founder, The Healing Hub
Discover how neuroscience-inspired techniques blended with personalised content empowers employees to become accountable for their own wellbeing, mindset and performance. Experience the techniques live for yourself!

Leveraging technology to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace
Tomas Coulter, Founder, Talos 360 >
The number of HR professionals encountering bias within their own careers is surprisingly high. This session is a deep dive into how technology can help your organisation improve D&I processes.

How COVID accelerated digital transformation in HR – and what it means for the future
Jessica Fuhl, Director of Content Marketing, Sage >
Organisations have experience a whirlwind of change due Covid-19. In this panel discussion, we set out to understand what’s the impact been for HR leaders? How have expectations of HR changed? What does this mean for HR today and in the future?

Uncovering the real drivers of employee dissatisfaction and the roadmap to a happier workforce
With new working formats, workers now want greater transparency and communications from employers. Join our discussion on how to deliver employee satisfaction and drive commitment.

Has the pandemic changed the role of the people profession?
Gill Maxwell, CIPD and Richard Doherty, Workday >
People professionals have stepped up over the last year rising to challenge of tackling a global pandemic. While the strategic role people professionals have played should be celebrated, how can people professionals consolidate this position at the heart of business and explore the emerging trends as we move forward into the new future of work?

What all employers can learn from the LEGO Group’s Child Safeguarding journey
Jo Scott, Global Project Manager for Child Safeguarding, LEGO Group and Steve Smith, Managing Director, Sterling >
Understand the processes and technology the LEGO Group used to create a globally unified Child Safeguarding framework through their partnership with Sterling and the candidate and employee experience lessons all employers can learn.

Improving workplace wellbeing and performance: is technology really the answer?
Stephen May, Director, FirstCare >
Drawing on insights from 16 years of UK data and findings from a new IPSOS study, we’ll explore how leadership teams can and should use technology to evolve their organisations.

How can technology platforms help HR leaders evolve employee experience?
Ross Tracey, Managing Director, Human Capital Management, IRIS Software Group (Cascade) >
How can a technology platform help to evolve the employee experience? Ross Tracey explores how HR leaders can capitalise on market innovation and why applications must share information.

Personality goes digital – an interactive and fun experience
Dr. Stewart Desson, CEO, Lumina Learning >
Leveraging digital applications in a developmental context, showing how to apply psychometrics in an inclusive way, valuing all ways of being, and avoiding biases in traditional personality psychometrics.

Can wellbeing be measured? Exploring the power of wellbeing analytics
Melis Abacıoğlu, CEO, Wellbees and Berna Ozkoc Oztinaz, CHRO, Genel Energy >
Can wellbeing be measured? This session will guide us through an exciting journey with Berna Oztinaz, CHRO, Genel Energy to showcase how powerful wellbeing can be seen as the foundation of employee experience rather than only being an unguided mere benefit.

Day two: Thursday 4 November 2021

Stream one

Skills and Organisations

Stream two

Technology and Innovation

Strategies for combatting the great resignation
Lattice >
How do high-growth companies retain great people while attracting new top performers? We’ll share our best practices for building great cultures that keep the Great Resignation from hurting growth.

Diversity and inclusion in early talent programmes
Paula Gibson, Strategic Commercial Manager, ILM (City & Guilds) >
Paula Gibson from City & Guilds and ILM will share reflections on the challenges and opportunities for organisations when considering best practice in Diversity and Inclusion within Early Talent strategies.
ILM and City & Guilds

​Developing a more appealing workplace learning for today’s multigenerational workforce
João Santos, CEO, Learninghubz >
YouTube is the natural learning platform for the Gen Z workforce and have a universal appeal that can be used for today’s multi-generational workforce training, with significant benefits for your organisation.

Designing cost effective wellbeing strategies for SME businesses
Rob Marshall, Director, WorkLife by OpenMoney >
This session will cover the five pillars of wellbeing, and how SME businesses can adopt them.

Opening the door to the talent and skills you need
Jemeela Quraishi, CIPD and Louise Shaw, Omni >
The CIPD’s summer Labour Market Outlook reports recruitment intentions are up. But is your organisation unlocking opportunities to a broad enough talent pool to answer your recruitment challenges and tackle skill shortages?

Navigating the people experience: a holistic framework for engagement
Rob Robson, Director of People Science, The People Experience Hub >
We will share a holistic, flexible and evidence-based framework that helps us navigate a cluttered and complex ‘employee engagement’ landscape, tailor feedback measures and develop insights for clients.

Power up your leaders and managers in a new world
Shaun Lanceley, Director, Raise the Bar Ltd >
Showing how forward thinking employers have used the learnings from last the last 20 months to engage with and develop their Leaders and Managers for a new environment.

Exclusive workplace wellbeing research: what does your multigenerational workforce need from you?
Benenden Health
New research shows only 20% of employers provide healthcare that meets all employee needs. Keep your employees healthy and happy with exclusive workplace wellbeing insight from Benenden Health.

The first global standard on managing psychological health?
Kate Field, Global Head of Health, Safety and Well-being, BSI > 
Want to improve how your organization manages the psychological health of your workforce? Join Global Head of Well-being Kate Field as she introduces the new framework from BSI that could help your well-being strategy.

2021-2022 Executive Survey – uncovering leader’s strategies, priorities and tech investments
Ceridian >
The talent market is more competitive than ever, and a modern employee experience is essential. We asked 2,000 leaders across seven countries how they plan to win the war for talent.

Innovation priorities for the future of work
Richard Doherty, Senior Director Product Marketing, Workday >
The keys to success for the future of work are wrapped up in four key innovations – hear what Workday thinks they are and their potential impact.

How to choose HR software: the ultimate guide
Grainne Shaughnessy, Product Marketing lead UKI, Sage >
HR tech is hot property right now. Join our panel discussion where we’ll be diving into how to make sure you’re choosing the right one for your organisation? What are the things IT and Finance leaders need to look for? And how does this compare to HR leaders’ and CEOs’ priority list?

Responsible business: what’s the climate crisis got to do with people professionals?
Scarlett Brown, CIPD and Dr Jan Maskell, Occupational Psychologist >
Work can and should be a force for good, and responsible business has been steadily climbing up the agenda. With COP26 convening in Scotland to discuss climate change on a global scale, discover what steps you can take to make people practice and your organisation more environmentally sustainable.


Stress Indicator Tool – using employee data to manage work-related stress
Hollie Stocks, Sales Manager, HSE >
With work-related stress, anxiety and depression rates increasing throughout the UK, it has never been more important to implement practical solutions to combat this issue.

Supporting healthy mental wellbeing in an era of digital work
Jonny Gifford, CIPD and Jake Young, CIPD >
As uptake of flexible working (including hybrid working) looks set to increase, so will our reliance on digital working. This session explores the evidence and impact of digital working and how people professionals and line-managers can support mental wellbeing and healthy digital working practices.

How technology can enhance corporate wellness programmes
Adel Houten, Director, Health Perks
Top tips on how organisations can make the best use of technology to support their employees during these uncertain times.