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Featuring two streams of free learning, you’ll gain practical tools and takeaways from our essential showcase sessions delivered by key suppliers. You’ll leave armed with the skills and knowledge to help you make informed decisions and become a strategic force within your organisation. 

DAY ONE: Wednesday 11 November 2020

Stream one

People and Skills

Stream two

Technology and Innovation


We show the benefits of selecting and training a cadre of virtual in-house Leadership Coaches as a resource for developing leaders and a strategic lever for culture. Through virtual training, adopting clear stages of development and coaching supervision, internal coaches have become an asset for organisational change.

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What will the people profession look like in 2030? While three-quarters of HR, L&D, Recruitment and OD professionals believe they add real value and impact in their role in 2020, how can we ensure the profession remains fit for the future and how will people professionals continue to add value over the next decade? Join us to better understand the gap between the ‘here and now,’ and the profession’s 2030 ‘vision’, and how that will help support and progress your career.

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News from the frontline: COVID has changed who and when workers call when feeling unwell. This presentation draws practical answers from real-time wellbeing data, helping leaders to lead, plan, and avoid risk better.

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Thanks to rapid progress in science and technology, we now understand cognitive diversity better than ever before and have the knowledge and tools to successfully recruit, engage and empower a diverse workforce. Join us to explore the science, gain practical tips and discover the tech that can help you to harness the power of diversity in your organisation.


Attendees will receive insights on the most fundamental skills for the People team of the future, how other People leaders are getting ahead, and next steps to take.

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Explore programmatic learning, a framework to deliver high value transformational projects and solve complex skills challenges through digital learning programmes.

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Culture Shift 

HR professionals have lots of data available to them. Use correctly it can be an incredibly powerful tool to solve problems, and become a better leader.


We discuss strategic methods to track and analyse employee relations, delving into root causes and how to use your HR data to elevate case management and support your business strategy.

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The way we work is being redefined. We need new strategies to plan and manage our agile workforces. We show how HR teams are using workforce management technology to engage, measure and develop employees.


Join Steve as he shares how the latest recognition and engagement product innovations are changing the way the world works. Through a combination of thought leadership, customer success stories and product demonstration, you will learn how our customers are empowering their people to impact engagement – everyday, everywhere. This session will explore: the latest tools to tackle multiple employee initiatives using one platform ; bringing the employee experience into the flow of work by leveraging the latest mobile and integration tools; the positive impact on business performance

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This session investigates the rapid shift to online learning, demonstrating how to motivate learners through content delivery, measure individual progress, and how group learning can be best implemented within organisations.


The role of HR has never been so important within your business. During this presentation, find out how technology can help you put HR centre-stage by utilising the latest tech trends.

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