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Keep up to date with the very latest innovations in the people profession, and learn directly from industry leaders.

Explore the full list of free learning sessions from this year’s exhibitors below. Our free-to-attend learning sessions cover a broad range of topics at the forefront of the HR, L&D and OD conversation, and take place in designated learning areas within the exhibition.

Sessions cannot be booked in advance – please arrive early to guarantee a seat.


There will also be free presentations happening on the CIPD stand (400) throughout the event. Please see here for the CIPD exhibition stand timetable.

Talent and organisations arena

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Day 1 – Wednesday 7 November 2018


Leading without bias: minimising evaluative bias in psychometrics and leadership

Learn how leaders can use psychometrics to understand their biases, adapt their leadership style, and lead organisations without bias.

Session delivered by Lumina Learning


How every HR team can use artificial intelligence

AI is everywhere, but how does a regular HR team embrace it? Learn how to start your technology journey with small simple steps and HR software that will deliver big results.

Session delivered by Cascade HR Ltd


The case for investing in people engagement

Learn what motivates different people and how to map out your organisation to focus on what matters.

Session delivered by Everything DiSC®The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™


Social media screening: risks & rewards

This session will explore candidate social media checks, the type of insight available which may not show up at an interview, and your essential compliance and privacy obligations as an employer.

Session sponsored and delivered by Sterling Talent Solutions 


One app to rule them all: everything employees need from a single access point

Imagine if everything your employees needed could be accessed from a single point. Learn how Chatbots can transform your employee experience while liberating HR teams from the constant flood of employee requests.

Session sponsored and delivered by MHR


The truth about financial well-being in the workplace

Explore the knock-on effect that employees’ financial worries have on their mental health and productivity, and the employer’s role in building their financial resilience

Session sponsored and delivered by Neyber


Could a robot take your job?

Are machines going to take all the jobs? Will the role of recruiting be more automated? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this engaging and informative session.

Session delivered and arena sponsored by Indeed


Embracing the HR data revolution

94% of CEOs consult with HR before making business decisions. As HR embraces the data revolution, learn how business intelligence, predictive analytics, and machine learning can support HR today and in the future.

Session delivered and arena sponsored by N G A Human Resources


Not Just more jobs but better jobs: a Greater Manchester view of promoting good work

What does ‘good work’ mean for you and your employees? Hear from regional experts on the
latest research on how HR professionals can be at the forefront of creating better jobs

Session delivered by CIPD


Securing the best value from the apprenticeship levy

Learn how to plan the best use of the levy, secure the best return on investment, and link the levy to key talent initiatives and people development.

Session delivered by Henley Business School


How to deliver the perfect onboarding experience

Ensuring a smooth onboarding experience for new joiners is essential. Explore how to deliver great candidate experiences and allow your employees to consume key information, familiarize themselves with colleagues and processes, and complete key tasks at the right time, all via an engaging and intuitive self-service experience.

Session sponsored and delivered by Sage People


Drink and drugs don’t work

On average over 10% of employees fail a drugs test following a suspicious incident. Gain insight into workplace drug and alcohol trends and how you can protect your people and business.

Session sponsored and delivered by SYNLAB Laboratory Services


Building a coaching culture that results in outstanding teams

Today’s organisations face few knowns and many unknowns. By developing a coaching culture ecosystem resulting in outstanding teams the people profession enables organisations to thrive in an uncertain world.

Session delivered and sponsored by Aviva, Heidrick Consulting & ICF partnering


From rhetoric to reality: how are AI and robotics really being used?

Robots aren’t taking over our jobs just yet but automation is already augmenting many jobs. Hear insight into how new technology can create a future of work that is human.

Session delivered by CIPD

13:30 -14:00

The Co-op’s well-being journey: driven by data

How do you make smart well-being decisions for a large workforce, spread across diverse and disparate departments? Learn how Co-op are using data to drive their health and well-being strategy.

Session sponsored and delivered by FirstCare


Supporting the working-age population affected by cancer

The number of working-age people living with cancer in the UK increased by almost 10%. Learn what the most frequent issues are and how you can equip your organisation to support staff with cancer.

Session delivered by Macmillan At Work


Unlocking the power of employee-generated agile video

Witness the power of employee-generated agile video in this interactive session. Watch a team of experts create a professional video from scratch in front of the audience on a smartphone.

Session delivered by Brightest Bulb


Modernising the employee survey: from annual engagement to everyday experience

Explore the cultural challenges that organisations face when embedding new engagement solutions and demonstrate how an employee survey platform can help businesses to effectively manage change.

Session delivered by Hive

14:30- 15:00

Workforce planning practice: right people, right skills, right roles

This learning session highlights the impact of Brexit recruitment/retention, transitional arrangements for EU citizens and immigration policy. Core focus on workforce planning as a broader response to ensure a clear people strategy.

Session delivered by CIPD


Working smarter and more flexibly: how technology will help

Discover how new technology, including AI, Cloud Systems and analytics can help your people and organisations work smarter, more flexibly and in a more streamlined way.

Session delivered by HFX Limited


How to engage for excellence

Having a highly engaged workforce is key to driving forward business. But how do you engage? Through process and strategy? Or is it the outcome of getting everything else right?

Session delivered by Tree of Knowledge


How degree apprenticeships can help you build your future workforce

Learn how degree apprenticeships can play a vital role in creating the talent pool you need to drive on your future organisational ambitions. Discover which degree apprenticeships are most suited to your own requirements.

Session delivered by Manchester Metropolitan University


New technologies for smart workforce management

Discover how technologies such as AI and analytics can help your organisation and employees work smarter, with more flexibility and your way, while leveraging on the power of a modern cloud.

Session delivered by Kronos

15:45 – 16:15

What mediation is and how it can be used at work

Learn the practical applications of mediation in the workplace, including what mediation could be used for, and where it is not appropriate.

Session delivered by CMP


Practical tips to support your organisation though change

During times of upheaval and uncertainty, HR are relied upon to guide and lead. Discover practical steps to develop yourself and be ready to support your organisation through changing times.

Session delivered by AVADO Learning


Why smarter and integrated systems are the key to HR success

Discover how integrating HR and other business systems can unlock your HR team’s strategy potential through greater efficiency, more accurate data and analytics, and a better user experience for employees.

Session delivered by CIPHR Ltd

16:25 – 16:55

Speed networking

A chance to network with peers, meet other professionals and share your ideas and experiences. Places are limited and taking part is on a first-come, first served basis, we hope to see you there.