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Explore the full list of free learning sessions from this year’s exhibitors below. Our free-to-attend learning sessions cover a broad range of topics at the forefront of the HR, L&D and OD conversation, and take place in designated learning areas within the exhibition.

Sessions cannot be booked in advance – please arrive early to guarantee a seat.

There will also be free presentations happening on the CIPD stand (400) throughout the event. Please see here for the CIPD exhibition stand timetable.

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Day 2 – Thursday 8 November 2018

09:30- 10:00

Attracting the Talent of Tomorrow

In this session, we will discuss the key challenges facing organisations in attracting millennial talent. The session will be formed on the findings of Investors in People’s first Talent of Tomorrow report, which is based on a survey of 1,000 college leavers and university graduates who were asked a variety of questions on their future employment options. Join us to discuss how organisations can attract and retain talent in today’s constantly changing economy.

Session delivered by Investors in People


Leading for tomorrow: developing empowered, agile leaders

Explore with us how to develop leaders for the digital age who can empower and enable agile working and revolutionise leadership development.

Session delivered by JCA Global Ltd


Digital technologies to support mental health at work

Explore how technology can provide the tools to support mental health and well-being in the workplace and increase employee engagement and productivity

Session delivered by Health Shield Friendly Society


Increasing awareness of autism spectrum conditions and ADHD at work

Learn about autism spectrum conditions and ADHD and what this means in a work environment, how to manage neurodiverse talent and the strengths they can bring into the organisation.

Session delivered by Lexxic Ltd


How workforce management software can reduce and manage absence rates

Used appropriately, workforce management software will help reduce absences and boost employee empowerment at the same time. Learn how they can be used to increase productivity and boost satisfaction.

Session delivered by Capita Workforce Management


Happier and healthier workforces, can your current approach to well-being deliver?

There is now a greater realisation that when your people are healthy, they’re happier, more confident and better motivated. After all, they’re what makes your business tick. So, how do you choose the right strategic approach to meet your people’s needs and keep your people at their best? And what are the secrets of measuring this success?

Session sponsored and delivered by AXA PPP Healthcare


You’re only as good as the people you hire

Find out what candidates really think about the recruitment process and how recruitment software can help reduce time to hire, reduce recruitment and administrative costs and ultimately improve the quality of hire.

Session delivered and Technology and Innovation arena sponsored by N G A Human Resources


Context not content: How should we use technology to support organisational learning?

Join this session to explore how modern employees learning needs are changing, and the role of learning technologies in meeting these emerging needs. This thought-proking session will challenge your current L&D tech strategy by considering the idea of ‘context vs content’

Session delivered by Impact


Preventive medicine: investing in your workforce

Investing in the health and wellness of your workforce pays dividends – using evidence-based, risk-driven screening and preventive medicine keeps your staff happy and healthy.

Session sponsored and delivered by Mayo Clinic Healthcare in partnership with Oxford University Clinic


Performance management needs a promotion

Most companies would like to update their performance management process, but 60% are still stuck with annual or semi-annual reviews. How can they bring their process into the future?

Session delivered by Workday


The impact of AI and automation and the future of recruitment

We will discuss the impact that AI and automation has both on the job market and hiring environment, as well as what changes are likely to affect the hiring process.

Session delivered by Adzuna


How can we build healthy workplaces?

Are we fostering inclusive workplaces for health and well-being? Get the key findings from the 2018 CIPD/SimplyHealth Health and Well-being at Work survey

Session delivered by CIPD


Could a robot take your job?

Are machines going to take all the jobs? Will the role of recruiting be more automated? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this engaging and informative session.

Session delivered and arena sponsored by Indeed


The role of technology in the future of employee feedback

In today’s working climate, it’s essential to progress the way we collect employee feedback to drive organisational performance. Learn about the technology that will revolutionise employee feedback and engagement and how AI can predict staff morale and future behaviour.

Session delivered by The Happiness Index


High-performing teams need psychological safety. Here’s how to create it

How to transform trust, engagement and performance at work. Join us on a journey to explore the neuroscience behind the key conversations that generate psychological safety in organisations and teams and how to create such a culture of trust.

Session sponsored and delivered by The Oxford Group


Using technology to create engaging assessments for development

Discover how to strike the right balance between science and practice when assessing for developmental purposes, demonstrated through a case study from a sales training division.

Session delivered and sponsored by PSI Talent Measurement


How AI and robotics are transforming HR and the employee experience

Learn how AI and robotics are transforming the HR function through improved accuracy and quality, around-the-clock operations with multi-skill capability and empowering colleagues to focus on complex business processes.

Session delivered by Alight Solutions


The next steps for workplace culture and gender equality

Join our employment law expert as they explore how to prevent sexual harassment, tackle discrimination and ensure gender equality within the workplace.

Session delivered by ELAS Business Support


Career on track: benchmark your career and professional practice

In this session, we share the findings from the CIPD’s new survey exploring the shape of career paths in our profession, and what factors help practitioners to demonstrate strong standards of professionalism.

Session delivered by CIPD

14:15 – 14:45

Goodbye UI: are HR ready to let go of the past?

Technology is moving away from company user interfaces to a new way of working that makes every interaction automated, simple and smart, setting a high bar for how we will work. Learn how you can jump straight in and implement future HR applications.

Session delivered by CoreHR


Using trait emotional intelligence to improve talent management

Learn about the trait emotional intelligence (EI) model, the research and the rigour behind the model and how you can apply the tool in talent selection and management

Session delivered by Thomas International


Storytelling for business: captivate, engage and influence using powerful narratives

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to build rapport, establish trust, overcome objection, communicate value and demonstrate results. When delivered effectively, a story can connect a listener to what they want or need.

Session delivered by Pinnacle Performance Company


How technology can improve workplace engagement and productivity

Explore how technology can support you to improve employee engagement and address the productivity challenge. Learn how tools can engage employees in feedback, reduce stress, improve communication and collaboration and enable flexible working.

Session delivered by Natural HR


Unlocking healthy high performance

Learn how to use the Wraw psychometric tool to get holistic insights into your employees’ levels of resilience and well-being.

Session delivered by The Wellbeing Project (Europe) Ltd


How brain science can help you deliver effective change and organisational performance

Continuous change is the norm, which can sometimes be frustrating. Learn how brain science can help ensure change initiatives are effective and successful.

Session delivered by Emergenetics

15:45 – 16:15

The role of job boards in attracting talent in a complex recruitment landscape

Google, Indeed, Facebook and LinkedIn have all changed how we attract talent – how do they fit together and what role for job boards now? Learn how they can make a huge difference in attracting talent.

Session delivered by ClickIQ


Bullying at work: a new conversation

Look at bullying through a new lens and use a new diagnostic tool to understand why individual and corporate bullying still persists within a business

Session delivered by DignityWorks