[A2] Leading large-scale structural transformation to maximise efficiencies

[A2] Leading large-scale structural transformation to maximise efficiencies

Businesses are constantly evolving, but every so often this change needs to happen on an unprecedented scale in order to reach new financial targets, reinvent the brand, or appeal to new audiences and exceed expectations. HR can be a valuable and powerful driving force behind such transformation, working alongside business leaders to inform and guide decision-making and progress. This session will explore how two HR practitioners helped revolutionise their organisations. The practical examples will focus on:

  • gaining stakeholder buy-in and working alongside leaders to drive transformation
  • how to effectively plan and manage your company’s restructuring to maximise outcomes
  • overcoming adversity during periods of uncertainty and focusing on future strategy


Location: Exchange Hall

Format: Case study

Stream: Organisational Development and Business Effectiveness


Michael Kerr, Vice President and Chief HR Officer, Aston Martin
Stuart Henderson, Group Director of HR and OD, Together Housing Group