[A7] Applying Design Thinking and Agile Methodology to HR

[A7] Applying Design Thinking and Agile Methodology to HR

In an increasingly fast and competitive world, HR is uniquely placed to prepare organisations for lasting success. Pioneers are leading the way by applying new agile ways of working and design-thinking to HR solutions. But what are these methodologies and how can they help us in practice?

In this sprint session, short and fast presentations will be followed by small working groups to find solutions to your own issues. Learning points include:

  • how design thinking and agile methodology can be used in different organisations
  • how to become more responsive, forward-thinking and impact-led HR professional
  • a blueprint for turning the HR function into a powerhouse for organizational success


Format: Sprint Session
Stream: Organisational Development and Business Effectiveness

  • Perry Timms, Chief Energy Officer, PTHR
  • Kim Atherton, Chief People Officer, OVO Energy