Emma Persand

SpecialityVice-Chair, Diversity & Inclusion Task Force, Society of Occupational Medicine

Emma is a qualified nurse, workplace health and wellbeing professional and founder of Lemur Health Ltd with a women’s health strand, Working with the Menopause. She delivers women’s health education and management training as part of the overall wellbeing agenda to support and retain women employees.

She completed the Certificate of Menopause Care and the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Certificate for Menopause symptoms through the British Menopause Society to improve working conditions for women. Her company continues to promote equity for all in the workplace and works with organisations in their commitment to support diversity through inclusion of reproductive and sexual health management.

Emma is also vice-chair of the Society of Occupational Medicine’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. This was established last year in response to the disproportionate outcomes suffered by certain employees of colour, gender, biological sex, ability, social-economic status, and geographic location.

Its aim is to support occupational health professionals, employees, and businesses, to navigate the post pandemic effects and support health at work.