CIPD Applied Research Conference 2020 programme

Each stream will consist of two or three presentations. Please ensure you book onto the correct streams during the registration process. Should you, for any reason, need to change your selected streams, please email with the subject, ‘Applied Research Conference – stream change’

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Day 1
05 Dec 2018
Day 2
06 Dec 2018

Registration and networking

Workshop session 1B: Writing for academic journals

Facilitated by:

Professors Dora Scholarios, University of Strathclyde Professor Denis Fischbacher-Smith, University of Glasgow

This practical workshop will focus on writing for peer-reviewed academic journals and provide insights into engaging with editors and the review process. It is being run by Dora Scholarios, an editor-in-chief at Human Resource Management Journal (HRMJ) and Denis Fischbacher-Smith, editor of resea...

Workshop session 1C: Research impact and evidence-based decision making

Facilitated by:


Dr Eric Barends, Center for Evidence-Based Management

This workshop will explore the nature of research impact and the opportunities that lie in evidence-based practice. We will consider the nature of challenges in managerial decision making, how research evidence tends to be used to inform decisions and how this can be improved. The workshop will be of interest to academics looking to increase the impact of their r...

Registration, coffee, tea and networking

Plenary session – Mind the Age Gap: Employer and employee perspectives on working into later life

An ageing population and changing work demographic has focused attention onto recruiting, retaining and retraining more over-50s, often referred to as ‘older workers’. Much of the policy focus has put the impetus onto the older workers themselves and onto employers. Research carried out in Scotland and England has revealed a mixed picture, both in terms of employer attitudes and policies towards an ageing workforce and in relation to older worker motivations and willingness to work into la...
Professor Wendy Loretto123
Professor Wendy Loretto

Parallel sessions 2 – View details

Please choose to attend one stream between 10:30 – 12:05. Note that you will not be able to switch sessions part-way through a stream.  Stream 2A - Neurodiversity
  • Soft skills in computer games: Working with geeks?
  • Managing Asperger Syndrome in the workplace: Considerations for line managers
  • Using Virtual Reality (VR) technology to increase staff retention
Stream 2B

Networking lunch

Plenary session – Over-qualification: Is job redesign the answer?

Over the last 30 years, national governments have insisted that skills are vital to international competitiveness, productivity and social cohesion, and can help to deliver ‘more and better jobs’. However, surveys indicate high levels of over-qualification and skills wastage across many national economies, with the UK towards the top of the 22 countries in the 2013 OECD Survey of Adult Skills. It is estimated that nearly 30 percent of workers in England and Northern Ireland are over-qualified...
Professor Caroline Lloyd123
Professor Caroline Lloyd

Parallel sessions 3 – View details

Please choose to attend one stream between 13:55 – 15:00. Note that you will not be able to switch sessions part-way through a stream.  Stream 3A - Work futures
  • The changing nature of knowledge and service work in the era of artificial intelligence and advanced robotics
  • What does the future hold? Investigating the benefits and challenges of agile and remote working
Stream 3B

Afternoon coffee break

Parallel sessions 4 – View details

Please choose to attend one stream between 15:25 – 16:30. Note that you will not be able to switch sessions part-way through a stream.  Stream 4A - Work hours and extended working lives
  • Does employing older workers affect workplace performance?
  • The impact of extended shift hours on employee and organisational outcomes as employees adapt and respond to change
Stream 4B - HR ...

Plenary session – Talent Management: From practice to theory and back again

Talent management is now a key focus for HR practitioners and c-suite executives alike and often regarded as a major challenge. It has also become an emerging area of focus within the academic community slowly gaining legitimacy and a stronger evidence base, but the influence of this research on practice is limited. In this session, Professor David Collings will chart the emergence of talent management as an area of practice and consider some of the challenges it faces in both practice and th...
Professor David Collings123
Professor David Collings

Drinks reception