Behavioural Science
at Work

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Join this online conference and leverage behavioural insights to optimise people performance

As HR professionals, you understand people, their needs, and their role within an organisation. But how do you take a step further to comprehend why people act the way they do at work? And why is this important? 

Be part of this one-day online conference on 6 October and hear from experts in the field, who will provide you with practical takeaways that can be implemented in any workplace.

This must attend event, cover various disciplines within behavioural science, from neuroscience to psychology, and explores practical ways in which they can be applied in the workplace, to optimise people performance. Demystifying behavioural science by providing HR and L&D practitioners with practical takeaways that you can implement in your workplace.

Learn how to work with the brain, rather than against it, allowing you to apply cutting edge behavioural techniques that will unlock high potential in your employees while ensuring they are properly supported in their development. 

Conference takeaways:

  • Learning how to use behavioural science to build real relationships in the workplace, bridge divides and help colleagues unite around a shared purpose.
  • Learning how to use behavioural science in leadership development, empowering leaders to break habits that may be holding back their development.
  • Taking employee engagement to the next level by using behavioural science to tailor engagement strategies around the psychology of the workforce to maximise effectiveness.
  • Learning more about neuroscience, and ways to leverage it in combating stress in the workplace.
  • Hearing practical steps that practitioners can take to secure stakeholder buy-in for behavioural science initiatives.


Day 1
06 Oct 2020
Rebecca Peters123
Rebecca Peters

Chair’s opening remarks

Johannes Lohmann123
Johannes Lohmann

Opening keynote – Embracing change: How to use behavioural science to better support staff through organisational change

11:20 - 11:50

Morning break

Vilma Nikolaidou123
Vilma Nikolaidou

Panel discussion – Engaging our people: How can behavioural science help us design an effective engagement strategy?

13:30 - 14:30

Lunch break

Kevan Collier123
Kevan Collier

Case Study – How to leverage neuroscience to combat stressful environments and increase productivity

Jessica Hornsby123
Jessica Hornsby

Panel discussion – Securing stakeholder buy-in for behavioural science initiatives

Rebecca Peters123
Rebecca Peters

Chair’s closing remarks

Meet the speakers