Behavioural Science at Work Conference 2019

1 October 2019 | London

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Join us for the CIPD Behavioural Science at Work Conference on 1 October 2019, The Hallam Conference Centre, London

Behavioural science gives us a profound understanding of how employees think and what makes them tick. By using the latest behavioural insights in the workplace, HR and L&D professionals can get under the skin of their employees to find out how best to support and develop them.

Without an in-depth understanding of how human beings think, feel, behave or communicate, we can’t provide the necessary support and development opportunities in the workplace.

However, by leveraging a robust understanding of human psychology, motivations, and behaviours, we can design roles and initiatives that are more brain-friendly, and cater to the real needs of the people in our organisations.

But what does this really look like? How can we generate tangible results? How can we communicate the value of behavioural science to get buy-in from stakeholders?

The CIPD Behavioural Science at Work Conference will pull together the latest multi-disciplinary research from experts in cognitive and occupational psychology to behavioural economics and organisational behaviour. Learn from specialists and practitioners to leverage a strategic competitive advantage and drive a culture that optimises brain performance and maximises engagement across your organisation.



Day 1
01 Oct 2019
09:00 - 09:30

Registration and morning coffee

Jonny Gifford123
Jonny Gifford

Chair’s opening remarks

Rob Briner, Professor of Organisational Psychology, Queen Mary University of London.
Rob Briner123
Rob Briner

Understanding and enhancing the role of behavioural science in HR

Rachel Dale, Head of Leader Development and Talent, Sky
Rachel Dale123
Rachel Dale

What the best leaders do and what behaviours they avoid

10:35 - 11:00

Morning coffee break

Professor Patricia Riddell, Professor of Applied Psychology, Henley Business School.
Professor Patricia Riddell123
Professor Patricia Riddell

Re-thinking recruitment: using behavioural science to minimise bias

12:00 - 13:00

Networking lunch

Nick Warrington, Deputy Head of Behavioural Science, Department for Work and Pensions.
Nick Warrington123
Nick Warrington

Practical session: leveraging behavioural science to deliver transformational organisational change

Nicola Roche, Reward Partner, Siemens
Nicola Roche123
Nicola Roche

Going beyond financial incentives to maximise engagement and performance

14:45 - 15:15

Afternoon networking and coffee break

Rachel Dale, Head of Leader Development and Talent, Sky
Rachel Dale123
Rachel Dale

Ignites: ‘nudging’ real change in the workplace to achieve tangible transformation

Jonny Gifford123
Jonny Gifford

Interactive reflection – ask the experts: applying behavioural science insights to your organisation

Jonny Gifford123
Jonny Gifford

Chair’s closing remarks

Meet the speakers


Hallam Conference Centre
44 Hallam St, Marylebone, London, W1W 6JJ