Behavioural Science at Work Conference 2019 programme

Join our host of experts at the one day conference.

Day 1
01 Oct 2019
09:00 - 09:30

Registration and morning refreshments

Chair’s opening remarks

Join Jonny Gifford (Senior Advisor for Organisational Behaviour at CIPD) as he introduces the key themes of the conference.

Jonny Gifford
Jonny Gifford123
Jonny Gifford

Understanding and enhancing the role of behavioural science in HR

The increased interest amongst HR practitioners in behavioural science and psychology has the potential to transform the workforce and the workplace. However, it is not clear that this increasing interest has led to greater use of scientific findings and subsequent changes in HR practices. Why is this the case?  And how can HR professionals make better use of scientific findings? This session will explore:
  • how to recognise and respond to the biases and limitations of scientific k...
Rob Briner, Professor of Organisational Psychology, Queen Mary University of London.
Rob Briner123
Rob Briner

What the best leaders do and what behaviours they avoid

What does great leadership look like? By using data from behavioural science, Sky has identified the most effective attributes of a successful leader, and applied these insights to upskill senior management to become better leaders. This session will:
  • explore how to use behavioural science to identify what great leadership looks like in your organisation
  • learn more about behavioural insights about how to use what you learn to develop and select leaders
  • sha...
Rachel Dale, Head of Leader Development and Talent, Sky
Rachel Dale123
Rachel Dale
10:35 - 11:00

Morning refreshments and networking

Re-thinking recruitment: using behavioural science to minimise bias

One of the most fundamental decision-making processes for any organisation is recruitment, as it is vital to select the best candidates to meet both short-term and long-term business objectives. Recent research demonstrates that workplaces with more diverse employees are more creative and productive. Explore how to expand your team's awareness of cognitive bias and design an assessment and selection process that minimises them. Join this session to learn ways of:
  • minimising bias ...
Professor Patricia Riddell, Professor of Applied Psychology, Henley Business School.
Professor Patricia Riddell123
Professor Patricia Riddell

Growing and expanding through change and uncertainty with the help of behavioural science

Progress is impossible without change, and the workplace is no exception. For your organisation to grow and develop, you need to adapt to and make the most of change. Be the pioneer of change in your workplace and allow your employees to see opportunity, not chaos, with the help of behavioural science. In this session we will explore:
  • how to encourage employees to spot opportunity and minimise turbulence
  • the importance of a positive company culture that is resilient t...
Kath Howard, Head of HR, Samaritans.
Kath Howard123
Kath Howard
12:00 - 13:00

Networking lunch

Practical session: leveraging behavioural science to deliver transformational organisational change

Behavioural science can help organisations to make better assumptions about the behaviour of their staff and customers during times of organisational change. Accurate behavioural assumptions are critical to ensure that your design and implementation strategies are realistic and deliverable. In this interactive session we will explore the value behavioural science tools bring to transformational change, from business cases, to decision making, to delivery. Join to discover how to:

Going beyond financial incentives to maximise engagement and performance

Reward and financial incentives are not always enough to drive motivation and engagement at work. To increase productivity and retention, we must able to design a holistic offer based on the key drivers of motivation. But how do we do it in practice and focus on what really makes people tick? Join this session to hear practical examples of:
  • alternatives to financial reward informed by the latest research in behavioural science
  • reward schemes that balance autonomy and ...
Nicola Roche, Reward Partner, Siemens
Nicola Roche123
Nicola Roche
Heike Avramovic, Head of Reward and Policy, Siemens
Heike Avramovic123
Heike Avramovic
Sarah-Ellen O’Farrell, Senior Behavioural Strategist, Fonterra.
Sarah-Ellen O’Farrell123
Sarah-Ellen O’Farrell
14:45 - 15:15

Afternoon refreshments and networking

Ignites: ‘nudging’ real change in the workplace to achieve tangible transformation

Thaler and Sunstein’s nudge theory is a cornerstone of behavioural science and maintains that designing positive reinforcements into the environments we live in will encourage people to carry out certain behaviours. But what does that really look like? Join this ignite session to hear practical examples of how to apply nudge theory in the workplace, including:
  • ‘nudging’ employees to improve efficiency and drive business results
  • removing behavioural barriers to increas...
Rachel Dale, Head of Leader Development and Talent, Sky
Rachel Dale123
Rachel Dale
Sarah Pass, Senior Lecturer HRM, Nottingham Business School East Midlands Employee Engagement Regional Group Lead, Engage for Success.
Sarah Pass123
Sarah Pass
Hannah Burd, Principal Advisor, Behavioural Insights Team.
Hannah Burd123
Hannah Burd
Sarah-Ellen O’Farrell, Senior Behavioural Strategist, Fonterra.
Sarah-Ellen O’Farrell123
Sarah-Ellen O’Farrell

Interactive reflection – ask the experts: applying behavioural science insights to your organisation

This is your opportunity to put theory into practice, and consider how behavioural science could unlock potential in your workplace. Have your say by asking questions and sharing your ideas with the experts and professionals in the room. Learn from your fellow attendees and use the expertise in the room as a sounding board for your thoughts. Our CIPD Senior Advisor for Organisational Behaviour, Jonny Gifford, will be on hand to shape the discussion and hear your feedback.
Jonny Gifford
Jonny Gifford123
Jonny Gifford

Chair’s closing remarks

Hear Jonny Gifford (Senior Advisor for Organisational Behaviour at CIPD) summarise the learnings of the conference.
Jonny Gifford
Jonny Gifford123
Jonny Gifford