3 steps to moving towards an Employee Experience initiative

Laurell A Hector shares her advice on how to formulate employee engagement and performance management strategies into an employee experience initiative. Laurell is presenting at the CIPD Employee Experience Conferences, 11-12 December in London. Book your ticket today.

For many years we have said time and time again that our people are our greatest asset. It’s been easy to say but this has never been a truer statement. Now we need to make sure that our people know it and have the experience within the workplace that they deserve.

What do we need to do to achieve this? The following three steps will help you to move towards and formulate engagement and performance management strategies into an employee experience initiative.

The Managers

Our aim is to have all staff experience a workplace which is conducive to working and also developing. Therefore we need to consider how well equipped our managers are. Most of our managers are promoted due to their technical skills and ability, not always because they can manage people. Leadership development is key and research shows that people leave an organisation because of their managers and not necessarily the company.

Consider the following:

  • Review your competencies and if you don’t have any in place, look at the core and leadership competencies you are aiming for. These should link to the organisational strategy.
  • Carry out an analysis allowing you to establish what good ‘looks’ like.
  • Review or implement a leadership programme that will allow you to develop those skills and knowledge in those areas.

The Technology

We need to be responsive to the needs of your staff. With that comes a challenge around what and how we deliver key information and development. There is an added complication of having to meet the needs of, in some cases, five generations in one workplace. The ideal would be a blended learning approach in which the employee could select and access the right information at the right time.

Consider the following:

  • How do / could you gather information from the employee? What are they asking for? And are you able to deliver this in a way that meets their needs and that of the organisation?
  • Think about the current work by Jennings around the 70/20/10 and how we learn and retain information.

The Performance Management System – a system is a system.

Real quality will come from the conversation and that will make the difference. There will be a direct link to the skills of the managers you have in place and the quality output being achieved.

Consider the following:

  • What’s the culture of your organisation? Does it support what you are trying to achieve?
  • Review your current performance cycle. Are you working within a performance management or a performance development system? These are different. With many organisations opting for continuous feedback instead of the annual review – six monthly review, is this something your organisation can support?
  • Take into account how this process is perceived? Always take into account what your culture can support at the current time. You might not be where you want to be.

Regardless of your organisation size and the sector it is clear that things are changing and we, therefore, need to make sure we are upskilling ourselves too. Our employees can choose to stay with us because of the experience they receive or they can leave because of what they are not receiving and their expectations have not been met. As we know, we spend a lot of time and money upskilling our workforce so our aim is to retain and motivate our staff, that way, everyone benefits and the experience is pleasant for all.

Ask yourself, what can I do to make things happen?

Laurell A Hector is presenting the closing keynote at the Performance Management Conference titled ‘Moving forward – developing your engagement and performance management strategies into an employee experience initiative‘ at the CIPD Employee Experience Conferences, 11-12 December in London. Book your ticket today.