How can ISO standard support you in building data-driven people management?

Dr. Stefanie Becker

Dr. Stefanie Becker, HR Project Director, People Insights at SAP SE outlines the importance of using ISO 30414 to create meaningful Human Capital Reporting. Stefanie is presenting at the CIPD People Analytics Conference and Workshop which takes place on 16-17 October 2019 in London. Book your ticket today.



How ISO standard can support you in building data-driven people management 

Before you get started with #PeopleAnalytics, do your homework first

Everybody’s talking about #PeopleAnalytics

Modern organisations recognise that the bulk of value creation is by an organisation’s people, and that good management practices and decisions can enhance that. Using People Analytics supports people professionals (HR) in organisations to avoid having to make decisions based mainly on their gut feelings but instead to adopt a more data-driven decision-making process. However, before organisations can take this step and start with advanced People Analytics, there is the need to build a strong data foundation and overall metrics landscape. 

And this is exactly where #HumanCapitalReporting comes into play. Human Capital reporting provides qualitative and quantitative information on the workforce (Human Capital) and the HR practices. The goal is to make their value contribution to the organisation more transparent. It can be used as a tool to demonstrate an organisation’s social responsibility to internal and external stakeholders. 

But, how do we set-up a meaningful Human Capital Reporting framework? 

Use the ISO 30414 to establish a meaningful Human Capital Reporting

The #ISO30414 is a voluntary guideline for all types and sizes of organisations, with the aim of establishing a worldwide standard for the quantification and analysis of key employee-related metrics. It has been developed by many experts across the world, including academia, HR associations, HR practitioners from small and large companies, and HR consultants. 

The standard provides guidance around eleven workforce related areas (see figure). It contains overall 58 people related key metrics. Some metrics are for internal reporting while others are marked for external stakeholders. All metrics are differentiated, with specific recommendations for company of different sizes. The ISO 30414 provides metrics in eleven Human Capital areas. 






ISO 30414 shows the users what the important steps are for building a strong human capital reporting system:

  • You have the guiding principles – how to set Human Capital Reporting in the right organisational context
  • The standard identifies the relevant stakeholders for Human Capital Reporting and their needs
  • You will also find recommendations on the tools and procedures for data collection
  • Through a clear reporting structure, ISO 30414 delivers guidance on internal and external Human Capital Reporting and the possibility of comparison
  • At its core the standard consists of 11 Human Capital areas, including metrics and hands-on examples
  • As people management also includes a risk component, the standard contains recommendations as to how an organisation can establish key Human Capital risk management-based metrics
  • And finally, you will find guidance on reporting documents, formats and the necessary reporting frequency 

Why should you invest in Human Capital Reporting? 

Internally, Human Capital Reporting assists organisations to move towards a more data-driven decision-making process across all facets of workforce management. It enables organisations to run HR like a business. If Human Capital Reporting is firmly established, the next step is the implementation of advanced people analytics. 

By using the metrics for public reporting externally, organisations can also fulfil the needs of investors and other stakeholders to have a firmer grasp of an organisation’s most valuable resource, human capital. Human capital metrics when properly interpreted can, in time, provide some predictability on your human capital’s potential to deliver sustainable growth.


Stefanie is presenting in the session titled “Using ISO30414 as the foundation for a data-driven people management system” at the CIPD People Analytics Conference and Workshop which takes place on 16-17 October 2019 in London. Book your ticket today.