Stream 1: Organisational responses to crisis

21 Jan 2021
10:10 - 11:35

Stream 1: Organisational responses to crisis

Stream 1: Organisational responses to crisis

Global work in pandemic times: the experiences of transnational professionals in MNEs

The aim of research was to investigate the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for global work and cross-border interactions and collaborations in multinational enterprises (MNEs). The study explores how transnational professionals in MNEs experience the pandemic and its impact in this context.

Speaker: Irene Skovgaard-Smith, Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour, University of East Anglia

Managing in turbulent times: lessons from the 2008 financial crisis 

Informed by over 60 interviews, the paper presents three in-depth case studies of employment restructuring and calls for a more nuanced view of HRM strategies in times of crisis. The paper contributes to the limited literature on HR strategies in turbulent times, a topic of great importance given the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Speaker: Stewart Johnstone, Reader in HRM, Strathclyde Business School

Organisational Learning from COVID-19 – a cross-divisional study on the impact of the rapid shift to home working 

The crisis caused by COVID-19, though unwelcome, has provided a unique opportunity to see aspects of a different future in operation. These potential futures are explored within two separate divisions of a telecommunications company. Capturing the impact of the rapid shift to home working on both groups of employees provided scope for learning so that we can design for unpredictable futures in a much more informed way.

Speaker: Tanya Alcock, PhD, Research Manager,  BT


Discussants: The above speakers and Gemma Dale, Lecturer, John Moore University.

Chair: Katie Jacobs, Senior Stakeholder Lead, CIPD