Stream 10: HR professionals

21 Jan 2021
15:15 - 16:25

Stream 10: HR professionals

Stream 10: HR professionals

The well-being of lone HR practitioners in SMEs: getting a grip by letting go

Based on insights from 25 respondents in the extreme case of UK hospices, this novel research study finds that while they benefit from network centrality to implement HR policies rapidly to support employee well-being, HRPs (HR practitioners) in SMEs are susceptible to neglecting their own self-care. The paper presents a typology of HRPs’ responses to self-care in SMEs.

Speaker: Viviana Meschitti, Senior Lecturer in Management, University of Huddersfield


Discussants: The above speakers and Kerry Smith, Director of People & Organisational Development, British Heart Foundation

Chair: Katie Jacobs, Senior Stakeholder Lead, CIPD