Stream 2: Employee wellbeing during Covid-19

21 Jan 2021
10:10 - 11:35

Stream 2: Employee wellbeing during Covid-19

Stream 2: Employee wellbeing during Covid-19

Homeworking, uncertainty and well-being in the pandemic

This research explores the effects on well-being of homeworking and the uncertainty surrounding the C-19 pandemic on well-being. The study includes diary surveys and a survey of uncertainty and covered over 1000 university employees across all occupations, including key workers.

Speaker: Stephen Wood, Professor of Management, University of Leicester School of Business

Cut hours, not people: no work, furlough, short hours and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK

Drawing on the April and May 2020 waves of Understanding Society COVID-19 Study the paper examines how far changes in employment status, work hours and involvement in furlough job retention scheme are related to the likelihood of having mental health problems.

Speaker: Ioulia Bessa,  University Academic Fellow, University of Leeds

Understanding the benefits and challenges of increased remote working in relation to police wellbeing and performance: a diary study in an English constabulary

During the COVID-19 crisis, organisations were forced to adopt new ways of working. This diary study, and supporting qualitative insight, examines the experiences of police employees working for an English constabulary during the crisis. Initial indications from qualitative feedback suggest that remote working was more beneficial for performance than anticipated.

Speaker: Helen Fitzhugh, Senior Research Associate and Knowledge Exchange Fellow,  Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia


Discussants: The above speakers and Kate Griffiths-Lambeth, Director of HR, Charles Stanley & Co. Limited

Chair:Meryl Levington, Knowledge Exchange Manager, CIPD