Stream 3: Work experiences in challenging context

21 Jan 2021
10:10 - 11:35

Stream 3: Work experiences in challenging context

Stream 3: Work experiences in challenging context

Alliance contracting and experiences of working in partnership: Work and employment outcomes for non-profit workers on the front line

This paper explores Alliance Contracting (AC) and assesses its impact on the experiences of work and employment for non-profit workers. Drawing from three cases of ACs, the analysis suggests that ACs can enable non-profit workers to live out their values at work, but to avoid inequalities in work and employment outcomes, the design of the AC operating model should ensure the coherent alignment, integration, and consistency of HRM policies and practices across the network.

Speaker: Denise Currie, Senior Lecturer in Management, Queen’s University Belfast

Floundering in anxiety: the role of workplace relationships in supporting each other at work

This paper explores recent research into the role of workplace relationships in engagement and wellbeing in disruptive times to examine the implications for the post pandemic workplace. The research used the SPEaC Happy app to diary interactions with colleagues during extensive change, national and organisational, followed by interviews.

Speaker: Ann Parkinson, Senior Visiting Fellow, Henley Business School

No one’s fault, but I am the one who suffers: experience of surviving the unexpected organisational redundancy

This paper explores the impact of redundancy on employees’ work attitudes, perceptions and motivation through the lens of psychological contract and drawing upon workplace stress and coping literature.

Speaker: Gwen Chen, Senior Lecturer in HRM, Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University


Discussants: The above speakers and Michelle Leek, Pro Vice Chancellor – People, Performance & Culture, University of Cumbria

Chair:  Lizzie Crowley, Senior Skills Policy Advisor, CIPD