Stream 4: Performance and productivity

21 Jan 2021
11:50 - 13:15

Stream 4: Performance and productivity

Stream 4: Performance and productivity

How employee voice channels contribute to bottom-up innovation

This research paper aims to understand how organizations can give a voice to their employees and thereby tap into their innovative ideas and suggestions. To do so, data has been selected from six case organizations in the UK, collected by the CPWOP in partnership with the CIPD.

Speaker: Maarten Renkema, Researcher & Teacher HRM, University of Twente

What lessons can we take from the experience of organisational good practice in performance management to secure and sustain the growth in remote working?

This research fieldwork has engaged with over 200 participants to learn from their experience in organisations with a long history of remote working. Participants described significant challenges presented by remote working and identified the good practice in people and performance management required to secure successful adoption of the new working arrangements.

Speaker: Kevin Delany, Visiting Fellow, UEA

Is it ‘me’ or is it ‘we’? When social processes influence the relationship between high-performance work systems and employee discretionary behaviours

Referencing a large, international and multi-level dataset, this research turns the spotlight on two social processes – reflexivity shared perceptions and reflexivity quality. It examines cultural autonomy, showing that high-performance work system (HPWS), far from being universalistic across cultures, may have less bearing on social processes in high autonomy cultures. The paper discusses the significance of our results in the light of four hypotheses.

Speaker: Helen Shipton, Professor of International Human Resource Management, Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University


Discussants: The speakers above and Samantha Walsham, Associate Director, Arup

Chair: Hayfa Mohdzaini, Senior Research Adviser – Data, Technology and AI, CIPD