Bijal Majithia

Head of Inclusion and Diversity, CIPD

Bijal Majithia

Head of Inclusion and Diversity, CIPD


Bijal Majithia, Head of Inclusion and Diversity, CIPD

Bijal recently featured in the Global Yahoo Finance HERoes 2020 Future Leader List for her work on gender equality. She was shortlisted in the ‘Women in Finance’ 2020 awards and featured as #12 in the 2020 and #6 in the 2019 EMPower Ethnic Minority Future Leaders list, and in the 2018 Financial Times Top 10 Empower ethnic minority role model list for her work on inclusion.

She won the 2017 Consulting category of the ‘We Are the City Rising Star Awards’ and has been named in the ‘13 female role models in professional services’ list. She has been recognised by EY for a ‘Better Begins with You’ award as well as an ‘Inspiring Role Model’ and ‘Person with Purpose’ award for her endeavours to build a better working world.

Bijal was awarded for her ongoing project ‘Food for the Mind, Body and Soul’ in which she leads a team of 100 plus volunteers to serve various charitable and community projects across the UK and India. These include cooking for and feeding 9 homeless shelters, supporting ‘Binti Period’, an abandoned animal sanctuary, spending time at several dementia care homes across the UK, collecting toys for Great Ormond street Hospital, helping at a sanctuary that serves autistic children and adults, free blood pressure checks for the elderly, maintenance work at schools and building care packages for the homeless.

Bijal is an ambassador and mentor for ‘The Girls Network,’ which seeks to empower girls from least advantaged communities. She is also an ambassador and educator for ‘Binti International’ with a mission to provide menstrual dignity to all girls all over the world. This means facilitating access to pads to ensure menstrual hygiene, educating girls about what menstruation is and what they can expect from it, and dispelling stigma, taboos, myths and negative perceptions around menstruation.

Bijal is the Director and founder of Veda London, a non‐profit organisation which shares mindfulness, meditation, conscious leadership and wellbeing in the workplace. The project has grown incredibly with events across the city including Accenture, KPMG, EY, Norton Rose, Schroders, Bank of England, Aberdeen Asset Management and HS2. Veda London has attracted leading speakers on topics related to living a more conscious and mindful lifestyle.

Notably, Bijal is one of the founding members of the Professionals Network established in December 2017 at the Houses of Parliament under Lord Gadhia. The objective of this forum is to enable BAME groups across organisations to raise cultural awareness and implement initiatives to drive ethnic minority inclusion from student life to the workplace. Within EY, Bijal founded and leads the EY Hindu Network, passionately serves as a Diversity and Inclusion ambassador.

Bijal has served on several Diversity and Inclusion panels and features on BBC Radio 2 ‘Pause for Thought’ to explore the role of British Indian woman and practicing Hindu. Bijal also project leads various experiences areas with thousands of visitors. Most recently she created the ‘Veggie Steady Cook’ experience with a team of 100 which serves to educate on the benefits of conscious eating and cooking through an interactive multimedia experience, including live cooking demonstrations and tailor‐made recipe books

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