Strengthening your talent attraction through well-defined organisational purpose, values and culture

Eunice Clements-Tweedie, Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition, The LEGO Group discusses the three-point prism of success at the family-led business. Eunice is speaking at the CIPD Recruitment Conference, taking place 13 February 2020 in London. Book your ticket today.

Talent. Finding, securing and holding onto awesome talent remains the holy grail –  as economic winds perpetually shift landscapes around us, organisations continue to evolve in different shapes and size and candidate’s and employee’s continue to push the workplace of today. The Hybrid reputation between consumer product marketing and consumer experience runs parallel with employer brand attraction and candidate experience, growing ever closer still as demands for both swim across one another, where organisations can ill afford to ignore the later without consequences to the former.

Here at The LEGO Group, this incredible 88-year young family-led business, quality is everything; brand reputation carefully curated and culture fiercely guarded. Our purpose, subtle values and distinct culture is the 3 point prism of success for one of the most loved and trusted brands in the world, where core elements are borrowed and used to aide in feeding our continual thirst for attracting the best talent to fuel our journey with us.


One of the basic premises of the law of attraction is intent. Without intent you have nothing. Purpose gives direction. Combine intent and purpose and you have the bedrock of a foundation so solid it would be unshakeable. The organisational purpose should be as simple and clear as your logo. Always on the lips of employees, talked about both in and outside of work and filtered into your consumer marketing. A living and breathing organism that’s everywhere – not on walls, or PowerPoint slides, popup banners or badges but authentically real. Here at The LEGO Group we have a simple real purpose “Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow.” Modest. Authentic. Unique. Where candidate desire’s to work for purpose lead organisations to grow ever stronger still, the smart ones of us know… that purpose perused over profit will pay dividends anyway.


Organisation values are like stars – they need to align before you can see and make order of them.  Values set the tone of an organisations culture, establishes a certain work ethic and promotes tackling the right things, at the right time with sound reason. Established value systems also avoid chaos and promote direction and the right behaviours of employees which infuse across the entire business eco-system. Values also promote a distinct feel of an organisation that resonates with current employees and sets brands apart in the marketplace inspiring others to act and join you too. Values here @ The LEGO Group also pervade our culture. They are subtle in everyday words and actions. They permeate in your thinking and influence your style and those around you – do you like them? Imagination – Creativity – Fun – Learning – Caring.


Humans are tribal. We all want to be part of a pack. We learn that not all packs are right for everyone. So find the right package for you – because when you do, you find identity and belonging with those around you who share a common belief system. An invisible bond that unites – also linked by purpose. The right culture will provide organisational identity, a unique Helix in its DNA, very difficult to copy and very easy to get wrong. A healthy work culture provides work happiness – retaining great talent to drive enhanced productivity allowing change to be embraced, where everyone can be leaders and ultimately acting as a magnet for your people brand for future hires. The culture at the LEGO group is off the scale awesome. Full of promise, spirit and hope, progressive and trailblazing, where permission is given to do great things, collectively shoulder to shoulder with your colleagues. Definitely no “I” in team” here.

Interested to find out more? I have the pleasure of speaking at the upcoming CIPD Recruitment Conference in London on 13 February 2020

Eunice is speaking in the session titled “Strengthening your talent attraction through well-defined organisational purpose, values and culture” at the CIPD Recruitment Conference, taking place 13 February 2020 in London. Book your ticket today.