Susan Fulton’s top tips for boosting motivation through inclusion

Susan Fulton

Susan Fulton, Director of People at Home Group shares her top tips for responding to shifting expectations from colleagues and boosting motivation through inclusion and well-being initiatives. Susan is speaking at the CIPD Employee Engagement Conference and Workshop which takes place on 30-31 January 2020 in London. Book your ticket today.




1. Be yourself

Be yourself (“everyone else is taken” as Oscar Wilde said) and that’s true of your organisational approach to Employee Engagement. It’s great to hear of best practice however its always about best fit – what is your organisation’s culture and values? What do your employees really need that engages them?

Your organisation’s culture is unique. Ensure you choose an approach that fits your culture and enables it rather than pushing against it and tailor and remember this is a journey. Engagement doesn’t improve overnight and needs to be seen not just as the HRD team’s objective – it’s inclusive and everyone in the organisation is accountable.

2. Be curious

Take time to digest, discuss with colleagues and aim to use qualitative and quantitative insights – look for recurring themes, variations from regions, protected characteristics, tenure and roles – and resist knee jerk actions. Continue the curiosity and review with colleagues involving them in solutions, use short pulse surveys and focus groups to ensure you seek insights from outside the survey. Avoid the knee jerk and making assumptions – this can be expensive and wastes time.

Continue curiosity by listening and ensure you respond, manage expectations and flex- no one has a magic wand, colleagues prefer this to be authentic and meaningful. What may have worked a couple of years ago may not be what engages colleagues now, so keep evolving.

3. Be choosy

Listen to what colleagues are saying and be realistic – for instance, choose 3 key things in any year to do brilliantly rather than 15 that won’t make a difference. Engagement doesn’t mean throwing budget at glossy stuff either, engagement can be improving how you involve colleagues so that they own and impact the change and don’t be afraid to say something didn’t work and move on from it.

Engagement links to the key drivers of the employee offer so ensure its joined up from attraction, learning and development, reward and recognition, well-being, equality and inclusion for example. Ensure the links are clear and doesn’t appear like a lot of initiatives.

In choosing what works engage your internal communications team – they are truly your “bestie” and effective and simple marketing and using your brand really help to make employees proud of their organisation, build trust, have fun and enable engagement.


Susan is speaking in the panel discussion titled “From surveys to a holistic experience: how do you find new ways to boost engagement?” at the CIPD Employee Engagement Conference and Workshop which takes place on 30-31 January 2020 in London. Book your ticket today.