Northern Ireland Annual Conference Programme

CIPD Northern Ireland Annual Conference 2018 programme

As organisations and the world of work are constantly evolving and disrupted by innovation and change, the role of the people profession remains critical in enabling better work and working lives. HR, OD and L&D professionals are key to ensure that organisations champion good people management and work practices which are good for people, businesses and the society as a whole.

Enabling well-being at work, creating truly inclusive environments and welcoming technology and innovation as a force of good are the three pillars upon which we need to focus if we want to be impactful and make a difference as individuals and as a profession.

This year’s CIPD Northern Ireland Conference will be your opportunity to connect with the big strategic priorities in the people professions, understand the shared issues, and get practical insights into creating healthier, more inclusive and innovative organisations.

Day 1
27 Nov 2018

Registration and morning coffee

Welcome address from Conference Chair

Hear Lee Ann Panglea (Head of Northern Ireland and Scotland at CIPD) introduce the key themes of the conference.

Opening keynote: The potential impact of automation and machine learning on the workplace

This opening keynote will discuss:
  • A variety of scenarios around the potential impact of that automation on the economy
  • The ethics of the connected workplace - wearable tech, smart offices and predictive analytics
  • The consequent challenges ...
David Dsouza
David D’Souza123
David D’Souza

Learning from neuroscience to increase well-being at work

In this session, you will discuss:
  • the effect of workplace-related stress on people’s brain and how to minimise them
  • what neuroscience can teach us about increasing our own and our people’s well-being
  • practical tips to reduce strain and increase performance and engagement at wo...
Professor Shane O'Mara
Professor Shane O’Mara123
Professor Shane O’Mara

Morning coffee break

Breakout sessions: Case studies

The morning breakout sessions will show you case studies of how organisations are enabling well-being, creating a more inclusive workplace and effectively embracing technology. You have the option to choose the sessions that are more aligned to your objectives. A1 - Implementing a holistic well-being programme This will explore:
  • creating a holistic well-being initiative tailored to your employees’ need...
Helen Gowler123
Helen Gowler
Steve Orr123
Steve Orr
Paul Gillen
Paul Gillen123
Paul Gillen
Helen Honeyman123
Helen Honeyman
Sinead Carville123
Sinead Carville
Sarah Guerra123
Sarah Guerra

Networking lunch

Technology and human wisdom: A new way of working

You will learn:
  • nascent technologies and the ethical challenges for the people profession
  • what machine can take over and where human relationships are key
  • the importance of human judgement in technology-driven future
Timandra Harkness
Timandra Harkness, BBC123
Timandra Harkness, BBC

Breakout sessions: Interactive sessions

The interactive afternoon breakout sessions will give you the options to choose between workshops and a panel discussion. You will be able to explore the practicalities of creating a healthier workplace, how to implement virtual and flexible working or discuss how to further inclusion in your workplace. A2 - Workshop: Boost your productivity - A holistic well-being strategy You will explore:
  • assessing ...
Tony Vickers-Byrne
Tony Vickers-Byrne123
Tony Vickers-Byrne
Lesley Babb123
Lesley Babb
Conor Curran123
Conor Curran
John Conaghan123
John Conaghan
Richard MacKinnon
Dr Richard A. MacKinnon123
Dr Richard A. MacKinnon

Afternoon coffee break

Raising the voice of HR: Influencing business and people decisions

This will discuss:
  • Quantifying and demonstrating the commercial and strategic value of HR
  • Knowing your market and business to ensure that HR is aligned and adds value
  • Increasing your impact by building credibility and influencing skills to become a trusted advisor
  • ...
Linda Kennedy McCarthy
Linda Kennedy McCarthy123
Linda Kennedy McCarthy