Coaching for Business Performance Conference 2018

12 September 2018 | Chelsea Harbour Hotel, London

Thank you for attending the Coaching for Business Performance Conference on 12 September 2018, Chelsea Harbour Hotel, London

Empowering your workforce through coaching for performance

The prevalence of coaching is rapidly increasing. A potential solution to growing your talent and creating cultural change, coaching not only drives business performance but also encourages engaged and productive employees. Beyond coaching for performance, it is a highly impactful method to develop and engage your people, support well-being, improve work-life balance and develop resilience and ability to cope with change in a fast-paced environment.

The Coaching for Business Performance Conference will help you to build and improve your own coaching practice through insightful case studies, practical advice and panel sessions with fellow professionals who all share the same dedication to developing and nurturing their talent to help them perform at their best. This is a valuable opportunity for HR and L&D as well as coaching professionals to establish a strategic coaching initiative and drive real change in their organisation’s performance.


Day 1
12 Sep 2018
Stuart Haden123
Stuart Haden

Chair’s opening remarks

Tim Roberts123
Tim Roberts

Empowering your workforce through coaching for performance

Michelle Lowe123
Michelle Lowe

Making coaching stick: Creating a coaching culture in your organisation


Networking coffee break

Vilma Nikolaidou123
Vilma Nikolaidou

Developing coaching skills and behaviours in yourself and your people

Cristiane (Coca) Pitzer123
Cristiane (Coca) Pitzer

How coaching employees can speed up a company’s ROI?


Networking lunch

Angela Sabin Chartered FCIPD123
Angela Sabin Chartered FCIPD

How can we effectively measure and evaluate the impact of our coaching initiatives?

Michelle Lowe123
Michelle Lowe

In conversation: Exploring alternative coaching methods and relationships


Afternoon coffee break

Mike Mair
Mike Mair123
Mike Mair

Placing coaching in wider people development and engagement initiatives

Stuart Haden123
Stuart Haden

Chair’s closing remarks

Meet the speakers


Chelsea Harbour Hotel, London
Chelsea Harbour Dr, Fulham, London, SW10 0XG

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