Line Managers


10 December 2020 | Online

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Join us this December and embrace a people-first approach to lead your team through uncertainty

As a consequence of the pandemic, line managers have had to change the way they lead their teams. Providing them with strong emotional support, encouragement and motivation. Now more than ever, excellent soft skills are the tools line managers need to succeed in their role. 

Organisations now require team leaders who are more than just technically competent. They need someone who possesses strong people skills, can ensure morale remains high and demonstrates a people-first approach to management.

To thrive in the new ways of working, it is vital for your line managers to be flexible and keep their teams fully engaged, especially when working remotely. Having a better understanding of their team’s needs will help you ensure there is strong emotional support, encouragement and motivation, in place. 

Be part of this inspirational one-day digital event. Learn how to upskill your line managers using the latest insights on emotional intelligence, wellbeing and virtual performance management. This conference will help you update your approach towards your line managers development, in order to meet the current demands.

Conference takeaways:

  • learn how you can guide leaders to effectively manage their teams remotely 
  • understand the crucial role of line managers in creating a culture of trust 
  • hear the latest insights on how to leverage emotional intelligence to successfully lead teams during a crisis 
  • discover why line managers are vital in supporting successful organisational learning

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Day 1
10 Dec 2020

Opening remarks

Giorgia Gamba Quilliam123
Giorgia Gamba Quilliam
Zahra Clarke-Johnney123
Zahra Clarke-Johnney

Backing your leaders to effectively manage their teams remotely

10:35 - 10:55

Morning break

Andrea Haug123
Andrea Haug

Leveraging emotional intelligence in turbulent times 

Maurice Collis123
Maurice Collis

The important role of line managers in creating a culture of trust  

12:00 - 13:00

Lunch break

Loraine Martins
Loraine Martins123
Loraine Martins
Louisa Bench
Louisa Bench123
Louisa Bench

Upskilling managers on virtual performance management processes 

14:10 - 14:30

Afternoon break

Sebastian Tindall123
Sebastian Tindall

The effective partnership between HR and line managers 

Becky Thoseby123
Becky Thoseby

Support your managers and their team’s wellbeing during disruptive times 

Closing remarks

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