Employee Engagement Programme

Employee Engagement at Employee Experience Conferences programme

Employee Engagement will focus on the latest developments exploring how to keep your people happy and motivated at work throughout their career. It will examine how Employee Engagement contributes to the overriding Employee Experience theme and will help you to identify the best methods to implement in your organisation. Through a variety of session formats, delivered by accomplished practitioners and specialists, you will learn practical strategies to modernise your Employee Engagement approach and ways to improve your employees’ experience at work.

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Day 1
11 Dec 2018

Chair’s opening remarks

Join Melanie Green (Research Adviser, CIPD) who will introduce the key themes of the conference.
Melanie Green123
Melanie Green

Opening keynote: Driving change as an employee engagement ‘rebel’ to challenge the status quo

Debra Corey - Global Head of Engagement and Author of ‘Build it - The Rebel Playbook’.

The old way of engaging people at work has failed. With only 15% of UK employees engaged in their jobs, we need to start thinking and acting differently if our businesses are going to survive in this fast-paced world. We need to break the rules of traditional HR and bring out our inner ‘rebel’ when it comes to designing and deliv...
Debra Corey
Debra Corey123
Debra Corey

Case study: Implementing a leadership development programme focused on inclusion for powerful engagement

Sarah Guerra - Director of Diversity and Inclusion at King’s College London.

Ian Phillips - Managing Director at Ian L Phillips Consultancy Ltd.

Research shows that organisations which facilitate a human-centred and diversity-focused culture have the happiest and most engaged employees. So when it comes to designing your leadership development programme, giving it an inclusion focus will help address current D&I issues as well as ingrain ...
Ian Phillips123
Ian Phillips
Sarah Guerra123
Sarah Guerra

Networking coffee

Panel discussion: Facilitating the importance of employee voice for sustainable engagement

Sarah Guerra - Director of Diversity and Inclusion at King’s College London.

Shauna Posaner - Deputy Director, Engage, Design and Change at HM Revenue & Customs.

Phil Pringle - Head of Insight and Engagement at Whitbread Group PLC.

Gillian Felton - Employee Experience Consult...

Sarah Guerra123
Sarah Guerra
Shauna Posaner123
Shauna Posaner
Phil Pringle
Phil Pringle123
Phil Pringle
Gillian Felton123
Gillian Felton

Case study: From annual engagement to everyday experience – Modernising the employee survey

Ryan Tahmassebi - Business Psychologist & Director of People Science at Hive. 

Drawing on real business case studies, this session will demonstrate how real-time employee surveys can help businesses to drive engagement and performance, manage change and build an amazing workplace. Providing guidance on how to overcome typical cultural barriers that occur when embedding new approaches, this session will explore:...
Ryan Tahmassebi
Ryan Tahmassebi123
Ryan Tahmassebi

Sponsored networking lunch

How to: Create employee communication that delivers organisational success

Karen Dempster - Co-Founder of Fit2Communicate and Author.

Achieving good communication with employees is vital to any organisation’s success. Those employers who get it right create engaging, tailored, high-quality employee content that’s delivered in a way that connects, with measurable results. They take time to understand what employees value and their motivations and conce...
Karen Dempster123
Karen Dempster

Case study: Keeping employees engaged during organisational change

Sara Donlevy - Group Head of HR at Odeon.

The hardest times during an organisation’s life and an employee’s journey are those of uncertainty and ambiguity. They are also the most challenging when it comes to ensuring people are engaged and committed. Failure to do so results in employees becoming disconnected with a potential impact on business performance.

Session title: Keeping employees engaged durin...

Sara Donlevy123
Sara Donlevy

Networking afternoon tea

Case study: Using engagement techniques to redesign your performance management system

Denise Mines - Head of Engagement, HM Revenue & Customs.

Joanne Atkinson - Head of Tax Academy Learning Design – HM Revenue & Customs.

When you have a problematic and inefficient performance management system, knowing where to start with its redesign can be a daunting task. Hear how HMRC looked to their people for the answer. Through engagement and encouraging the employee voice they successfully transformed their performance manageme...
Joanne Atkinson123
Joanne Atkinson
Denise Mines123
Denise Mines

Chair’s closing remarks

Hear Melanie Green (Research Adviser, CIPD) summarise the learnings of the conference.
Melanie Green123
Melanie Green