CIPD Inclusion Series – Gender Pay Gap Conference Programme

Join our host of experts at this essential one-day conference.

Day 1
08 Mar 2018

Chair’s opening remarks

Join Jill Miller, Diversity and Inclusion Policy Adviser, CIPD as she introduces this year's Gender Pay Gap Conference's key themes.

Jill Miller123
Jill Miller

The gender pay gap conundrum – 12 months after the legislation

Gain insight from Janet Walsh, Professor of Human Resource Management, King’s College London and Julie Dennis, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, ACAS, on what we have learned from the past 12 months since the gender pay gap legislation.

While many organisations have already reported on their gap, others are still revising their communication plan. What have we learned from the past 12 months?
Julie Dennis
Julie Dennis123
Julie Dennis
Janet Walsh123
Janet Walsh

Enabling culture change to bridge your gender pay gap for the long term

Join Chris Coburn, Communication and Engagement Lead, John Lewis Partnership and Matt Elliott, People Director, Virgin Money as they discuss culture change to bridge the gender pay gap.

Gender inequality and the pay gap will not...
Chris Coburn123
Chris Coburn
Matt Elliott123
Matt Elliott

Bridging the gap by removing the barriers to progression for women

Hear from Stuart Branch, Group Human Resources & IT Director, Weetabix Food, on how to bridge the gap by removing the barriers to progression for women.

Attracting more women into an organisation is not enough to fix the pay gap issue, we need to provide continuous development and support to enable them to progress to more senior roles. But how do we do it in practice? Learn from one of the first manufacturing companies to publish its gender pay ga...
Stuart Branch123
Stuart Branch

Challenging the traditional perception on male-dominated roles and industries

Join our panel discussion on challenging the traditional perception of male-dominated roles and industries.

Many roles and industries are traditionally male or female dominated. This represents a huge challenge for organisations that attract a predominantly male talent pool and want to draw more women into the industry. How can we work together to change this perception? How can we attract a much broader and more diverse talent pool? Join this cross-se...
Celia MacMillan123
Celia MacMillan
Frances Duffy, Capgemini123
Frances Duffy, Capgemini
Matt Elliott123
Matt Elliott
Stuart Branch123
Stuart Branch

Engaging your whole organisation in your journey towards inclusion

Gain insight from Frances Duffy, Vice President HR, Capgemini, on how to achieve real gender inclusion.

To achieve real gender inclusion in the long term, preaching to the converted is not enough. We need to get our whole community and workforce to understand the benefits, and take an active role in championing positive behaviour and reduce bias. How do we get the movement going and get everyone on board to make a ...
Frances Duffy, Capgemini123
Frances Duffy, Capgemini

Redesigning our attraction and progression strategy to attract women to our organisation

Learn from Gemma Webb, Head of Culture Change and Values, Royal Mail, how they have changed their attraction and progression strategy.

In many organisations, one of the reasons behind the gender pay gap is a lack of women within the business at all levels - often with over-representation towards the lower paid roles. How do we change our working practices and offering to increase our appeal to female talent? This s...
Gemma Webb123
Gemma Webb

Peer discussions: Finding solutions to your own gender pay gap challenges

Our peer discussions will be your chance to raise and address your specific issues with other professionals.

In this session, you will be able to compare your gender pay gap issues with your peers, discuss the pros and cons of different interventions that you could apply, learn what issues other organisations are facing, and come out with an action plan to tackle the issue in your own organisation. Discussion poin...

Acting for fairness and equality – addressing the pay gap within a wider inclusion strategy

Join the discussion with Stephen Frost, Principal at Frost Included, former Head of D&I at KPMG and London Olympics 2012 on how to make our organisations more equal and inclusive.

Reducing or, better, eliminating the gender pay gap is only one of the steps towards making our organisations more equal and inclusive. To create tangible and long-term benefit, this work needs to become part of a wider strategy aimed at increasing diversity and ensuring ...
Stephen Frost, KPMG123
Stephen Frost, KPMG

Chairs closing remarks and end of conference

Join Jill Miller as she wraps up highlights of today's conference.

Jill Miller123
Jill Miller