HR Business Partnering Conference programme

Join our host of experts at the CIPD HR Business Partnering Conference 2019 over both days.

Day One: Achieving a more strategic HR Business Partner function

Day one of the conference will provide you with insights on how you can evolve your HR Business Partnering model to become a more adaptive, agile and creative function. You will learn from a variety of experts and accomplished practitioners which steps to take in order to cement your reputation as a strategic, enabling function.

Day Two: Maximising your potential as a high-performing HR Business Partner

Now that you will have acquired the ready-to-implement techniques that will enhance your HR Business Partnering model, day two of the conference will focus on the advanced, strategic capabilities you need to become a high-value and sought-after HR Business Partner.

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Day 1
27 Mar 2019
Day 2
28 Mar 2019
09:00 - 09:30

Registration and morning coffee

Chair’s opening remarks

Join Giles O'Halloran (Lead Tutor HR Business Partner Programmes, CIPD) as he introduces the CIPD HR Business Partner’s key themes.
Giles O'Halloran
Giles O’Halloran, CIPD123
Giles O’Halloran, CIPD

Opening keynote: exploring the evolution of the HR Business Partner model and forecasting its future

The HR Business Partner model has come a long way since its formation 20 years ago. As a core part of HR’s history, which has shaped the role of the HR Business Partner as we know it today, this session will consider how the traditional model has evolved over time and predict how it will continue to develop. The session will cover:
  • original debates around the Ulrich model and their consequential impact
  • how and why the model has changed and developed
  • new te...
Paul Sparrow
Paul Sparrow, Lancaster University Management School123
Paul Sparrow, Lancaster University Management School
10:50 -11:20

Coffee and networking break

Case study: embracing an OD and design mindset to add value and agility to your HR Business Partner model

HR Business Partners can risk losing momentum when working with leaders if they pause to introduce an OD resource, which can lead to missed opportunities and risk compromising stakeholders’ confidence. Therefore, in order for your HR Business Partner Model to be more agile and responsive, developing OD and Design skills will be crucial to ensure successful delivery on all strategic fronts. This session will explore:
  • how benchmarking OD core capabilities will work to your strategi...
Kate Rand
Kate Rand, Beyond123
Kate Rand, Beyond

Collaborating skilfully with other business departments to fulfil HR’s potential as a function

More often than not, different divisions of a business are siloed on a day-to-day basis. While the HR Business Partnering model encourages collaboration between HR and other departments, there can still be an evident lack of synergy. Strong communication and coefficient working across teams can contribute major business benefits such as agility and effective decision-making, as well as promoting HR as a core, strategic function. This session will offer insight on:
  • why it is impor...
James Grinnell
James Grinnell, Currie and Brown123
James Grinnell, Currie and Brown

Networking lunch

Panel discussion: the power of HR and marketing combined – building a strong employer brand for effective talent management

An original and powerful employer brand helps businesses compete and establish credibility in the labour market. There is a direct link between possessing a strong employer brand and having an easier time managing talent from employee recruitment to achieving high retention rates. Employer branding, therefore, presents HR with the opportunity to learn from marketing techniques and apply them strategically to aid both the organisation and HR function. This panel of experts will discuss:
Karen Myers
Karen Myers, William Hill123
Karen Myers, William Hill
Mike Robb
Mike Robb, Crest Nicholson123
Mike Robb, Crest Nicholson
Paul Sparrow
Paul Sparrow, Lancaster University Management School123
Paul Sparrow, Lancaster University Management School

Case study: engaging a diverse workforce to facilitate an inclusive and supportive environment for great results

In order to ensure you are continuously keeping your people happy and supporting the varying needs of a diverse and multi-generational workforce, it is imperative to measure your engagement strategy’s effectiveness. A highly functioning engagement initiative will power D&I, contribute to improved well-being, increase productivity and ultimately, drive profits. This session will explore:
  • the different elements of a high-functioning engagement strategy
  • keeping your ...
Lindsay Beresford
Lindsay Beresford, Royal Mail Group123
Lindsay Beresford, Royal Mail Group

Coffee and networking break

Case study: strategically implementing a holistic well-being initiative for a healthier and happier culture

Most organisations are now aware of how important it is to support employees’ physical and mental health. Yet there is still a prevalent gap between this acknowledgement and the successful implementation of an internal well-being programme that reaps tangible results. In this session, hear the strategy behind an award-winning well-being initiative and learn practical takeaways on how to:
  • assess the main health risks of your employees to design a structured holistic well-being str...
Anne Bartlett
Anne Bartlett, CGI123
Anne Bartlett, CGI

Closing keynote: becoming a data-driven HR function

With the tools available today it is far easier to assimilate data, and in theory, derive insights and create business value. Also, it should be easy for HR to transform itself into a data-driven, decision-making function. However, there still exist cultural and technical obstacles to overcome in order for HR  functions to become a data-savvy. This session will explore:
  • shifting mindsets and achieving a culture which embraces utilising Big Data for HR
  • the importance o...
Jonathan Ferrar, Author123
Jonathan Ferrar, Author
09:00 - 09:30

Registration and morning coffee

Chair’s opening remarks

Join Giles O'Halloran (Lead Tutor HR Business Partner Programmes, CIPD) as he introduces the CIPD HR Business Partner’s key themes.
Giles O'Halloran
Giles O’Halloran, CIPD123
Giles O’Halloran, CIPD

Opening keynote: raising the bar – achieving your potential as an HR Business Partner

In a constantly changing world of work, keeping up with intensifying and evolving professional demands can seem like a daunting challenge. In addition, digital and technological disruption is here to add to the equation and such challenges will test even those at the top of their game. This session will explore how you can stay focused, equip yourself with skills to future-proof and ultimately achieve your potential as an HR Business Partner of the future. Discuss:
  • developing the...
Perry Timms
Perry Timms, PTHR123
Perry Timms, PTHR

Interactive: how to manage your mental energy to maximise your productivity as an HR Business Partner

A common issue in today’s working world is feeling like we’ve got too much to do in the time we have to do it. But what if you could master the technique behind efficiently planning the working day to get the best out of your brain? Learn the evidence-based ways to ensure everyday is a productive one in this interactive session. It will explore:
  • a few basic facts we all need to know about our brains
  • the factors which help your brain to function at its best
  • Hilary Scarlett
    Hilary Scarlett, Author123
    Hilary Scarlett, Author

Coffee and networking break

Practical: how to support employee mental health at an individual level to create an open culture

In addition to implementing a holistic well-being strategy, developing the skills to become a trusted point of contact for people when they’re experiencing poor mental health is key to ensuring employees receive effective support at every stage. In this session you will learn:
  • ways to facilitate an open and positive culture to reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues
  • the skills you need to support people experiencing a mental health problem
  • h...
Emma Mamo
Emma Mamo, Mind123
Emma Mamo, Mind

Interactive quiz: current and emerging trends relevant to HRBPs

Are you up to date on the latest trends and key issues relevant to the HRBP profession? Join this fun exercise to test your knowledge and learn from your peers.
Giles O'Halloran
Giles O’Halloran, CIPD123
Giles O’Halloran, CIPD

Networking lunch

Case study: acquiring and applying coaching skills to develop a consulting mindset for effective problem-solving

Coaching is increasingly being recognised as an essential skill amongst senior HR professionals. When applied effectively it inspires self-development and confidence in both the coachee and the coach. Moreover, the strategy behind coaching builds strong relations and provides the foundations for advanced consultative problem-solving. Learn practical tips from a qualified coach and Chief People Officer on how to:
  • develop yourself as a trusted coach to build strong interpersonal re...
Julia Ingall
Julia Ingall, Ennismore123
Julia Ingall, Ennismore

Case study: bringing a commercial focus to your role as an HR Business Partner

True respect for HR Business Partnering, comes from being able to deliver on the key aims and objectives of the wider organisation. HR should not be seen as a stand-alone function but an integral part of the business allowing it to operate at maximum efficiency. By broadening your business awareness and increasing your understanding of what your organisation needs to be more successful, will give you that respected commercial edge. This session will guide you on how to:
  • use your...
Justine Gillespie
Justine Gillespie, University of Sunderland123
Justine Gillespie, University of Sunderland

Coffee and networking break

Interactive reflection

A roundup to reflect on what’s been shared throughout the two days. It will provide the opportunity to feedback and discuss main themes and key takeaways to help you plan how to apply your learnings upon your return to work.
Giles O'Halloran
Giles O’Halloran, CIPD123
Giles O’Halloran, CIPD