CIPD London Annual Conference

London Annual
Conference 2020

29 September 2020 | Online

Thanks for attending the online CIPD London Annual Conference on 29 September 2020.

Work can and should be a force for good. It should be fair, meaningful and productive for the benefit of people, organisations and the society as a whole. The people profession is a unique position to drive this agenda and must step up to the challenge to enable purposeful jobs, ethical practices, and safe and inclusive work environments for all.

Driving good work requires a fundamental shift in the role we play in organisations as we need to effectively influence organisations to create meaningful opportunities, embed ethical practices and cherish people while meeting their business objectives.

This year’s CIPD London Annual Conference will be your opportunity to connect with the good work agenda and learn how it will drive the future of our profession. With a mix of keynotes, panels, case studies and research-focused presentations, you will have the chance to hear the latest CIPD’s insights, learn from the experiences of other organisations, and solve the most pressing issues in your nation or region.


Day 1
29 Sep 2020
Ciprian Arhire123
Ciprian Arhire

Chair’s opening remarks


Morning break

Winston Ben Clements123
Winston Ben Clements

Stream A – Fairer work: Imagining a world where inclusion is no longer an issue

Edward Houghton
Edward Houghton123
Edward Houghton

Stream B – Practice: Exploring the impact of technology and AI on the workplace

Laura Overton
Laura Overton123
Laura Overton

Stream A  – Skilled work: Promoting a culture of learning in the organisation and developing modern leadership

Emma Bridger
Emma Bridger123
Emma Bridger

Stream B – Fairer work: Creating true trust and engagement – motivating employees beyond money


Lunch break

Georgiana Chiper123
Georgiana Chiper

Stream B – Practice – Beyond Employee Value Proposition – How to create and sustain a Culture that nurtures a human-digital workforce.

Brenda Ennison123
Brenda Ennison

Panel discussion: Professionalism and the importance of continuous professional development 

Ciprian Arhire123
Ciprian Arhire

Chair’s closing remarks

Meet the speakers