Northern Ireland Annual Conference Programme

CIPD Northern Ireland Annual Conference 2019 programme

Work can and should be a force for good. It should be fair, meaningful and productive for the benefit of people, organisations and the society as a whole. The people profession is a unique position to drive this agenda and must step up to the challenge to enable purposeful jobs, ethical practices, and safe and inclusive work environments for all.

Driving good work requires a fundamental shift in the role we play in organisations as we need to effectively influence organisations to create meaningful opportunities, embed ethical practices and cherish people while meeting their business objectives.

This year’s CIPD Northern Ireland Annual Conference will be your opportunity to connect with the good work agenda and learn how it will drive the future of our profession. With a mix of keynotes, panels, case studies and research-focused presentations, you will have the chance to hear the latest CIPD’s insights, learn from the experiences of other organisations, and solve the most pressing issues in Northern Ireland.

Day 1
28 Nov 2019

Registration, refreshments and networking

Lee Ann Panglea
Lee Ann Panglea123
Lee Ann Panglea

Welcome address

Matt Elliott123
Matt Elliott

Panel discussion: the future of the people profession – driving ethical decision making


Morning refreshments and networking

Julie Dennis
Julie Dennis123
Julie Dennis

A1 – Fairer work: Panel discussion – Diversity and inclusion – creating a truly inclusive environment

Andrew Hyland
Andrew Hyland123
Andrew Hyland

A3 – Skilled work: Case study – Attraction and recruitment and the labour market – increasing your EVP and selecting the right candidates


Networking lunch


Room change

Eileen Hanna123
Eileen Hanna

B1 – Fairer work: Reward and benefits – motivating employees beyond monetary reward

Nik Pautz
Nik Pautz123
Nik Pautz

B2 – Productive work: Case study – Engagement and employee voice – new approaches to increase motivation and performance

Gillian Armstrong
Professor Gillian Armstrong123
Professor Gillian Armstrong

B3 – Skilled work: Panel discussion – Developing future skills – reskilling people to be ready for the future


Afternoon refreshments and networking

Jason Bradbury
Jason Bradbury123
Jason Bradbury

The impact of technology on work and the people profession

Lee Ann Panglea
Lee Ann Panglea123
Lee Ann Panglea

Closing remarks from conference chair