21 October 2020 | Online

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Join the online CIPD People Analytics Conference and leverage data and analytics for a sustainable business future 

In the midst of uncertainty and economic disruption, businesses are facing unprecedented challenges and are being forced to adapt, react, and change at a rapid speed. How do you leverage the resources you have available in order to push your organisation forward and ensure a sustainable future?

Be part of the this one day, online experience and learn how the power of data and analytics can be a welcome support during this process and can enable you to assess the most efficient and accurate action plans to safeguard your business’ and people’s future.

Following the latest CIPD Professional Map, the conference programme features two streams:

  • STREAM 1: STARTING OUT Looking to make the transition from traditional reporting to people analytics? If so, this stream has been designed with your needs in mind. Learn from people analytics experts on how to improve the quality and accountability of your data and explore the challenging process of merging data, originated from different sources, to gain the best and more accurate results.
  • STREAM 2: STEPPING UP This stream has been designed for professionals who are looking to take their analytics and technical skills to the next level. Learn what the most important elements are, to take under consideration, in designing a product which has data as a central element, and how to make it appealing and easy to use for your end users.

The conference will also explore the ethical issue of using data surveillance for remote working, the benefit of implementing AI and machine learning into the people analytics function, the importance of leverage data to develop the workforce of the future, and how analytics can improve your employee well-being and performance.

Conference takeaways:

  • Explore the data lessons learnt from the pandemic and the best ways to move forward
  • Enhance your dashboard analytics skills in order to ensure accessibility and valuable solutions for your people
  • Learn what are the most important elements in designing a product which has data as a central element and create a product which attracts users and improves their satisfaction
  • Explore the CIPD People analytics – Specialising in value added HR
  • Discover the rapid evolution of People Analytics thanks to the use of AI and various machine learning technologies
  • Learn how to leverage data to improve your people well-being


Day 1
21 Oct 2020
David Shontz123
David Shontz

Opening Keynote: The use of data during a crisis – lesson learned and moving forward

Justine Thompson123
Justine Thompson

Stream 1 | Starting out: data quality – merging data from multiple sources to provide more accountable results

11:10 - 11:30

Morning break

Wilson Wong123
Wilson Wong

CIPD People analytics – Specialising in value added HR

12:00 - 13:00

Lunch break

Tomeka Hill-Thomas123
Tomeka Hill-Thomas

Stream 2 | Stepping up: data science automation – an advanced way to drive results 

14:05 - 14:25

Afternoon break

Elaine Mahon
Elaine Mahon123
Elaine Mahon

The potential of people analytics in upgrading workforce planning strategies

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