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30 March 2021 | Online

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Thanks for joining the online CIPD Scotland Conference 2021. 

Thanks for joining us at the online at the CIPD Scotland Annual Conference on Tuesday 30 March, where we explored alongside our CIPD experts and leading organisations like the BBC and Virgin Money, how businesses have been forced to adapt, react and implement some of the most radical changes in the way they operate in the midst of uncertainty and socio-economic disruption of the past year 

Throughout the day you’ll be guided through a mix of great organisational case studies, panel discussions and plenary sessions exploring the latest experiences and insights including: 

  • wellbeing lessons learnt from the global pandemic and how to move forward ensuring your workforce is fully supported and heard  
  • how to leverage your employees voice to drive organisational change and innovation  
  • how the pandemic has changed the way we think about adult learning and skills development in line with the changing skills needs  
  • HR’s role in Scotland’s Young Person’s Guarantee and ensuring that no one is left behind 
  • the dream of flexible working and how organisations can turn it into a reality 
  • the business benefits of having a diverse workforce and a more inclusive culture to end inequalities and unfairness at work.

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Day 1
30 Mar 2021
Lee Ann Panglea
Lee Ann Panglea123
Lee Ann Panglea

Welcome address from conference chair

Lee Ann Panglea
Lee Ann Panglea123
Lee Ann Panglea

Opening Keynote: Working together during an exceptional year of change

Lee Ann Panglea
Lee Ann Panglea123
Lee Ann Panglea

Thought Leader – Wellbeing lessons from Covid and beyond – unlocking sustainable business success in Scotland

10:40 - 10:55

Networking break

Donald Lindsay123
Donald Lindsay

Stream A – Leading business | The verdict is out! How should we approach employee engagement to increase motivation and performance?

Jacqui Jones123
Jacqui Jones

Stream B – Leading teams | Developing and supporting your line managers in effective people practice to achieve business success

Rachel Currie123
Rachel Currie

Stream A – Leading business | Making flexible working a reality 

Abdul Wahab123
Abdul Wahab

Stream B – Leading teams | Ending racism at work – why fair and inclusive workplaces drive organisational success

12:35 - 13:35

Networking lunch

David Hayden123
David Hayden

Stream A – Leading business | Leading organisational development in times of disruption and crisis 

Marek Zemanik123
Marek Zemanik

Stream B – Leading teams | Changing skills policy to meet changing skills needs

Marek Zemanik123
Marek Zemanik

Plenary panel discussion: Protecting young people’s life chances – HR’s role in Scotland’s Young Person’s Guarantee and ensuring no one is left behind

15:20 - 15:35

Networking break

Lee Ann Panglea
Lee Ann Panglea123
Lee Ann Panglea

Closing remarks from conference chair

Meet the speakers