CIPD Scotland Annual Conference 2020 programme

Day 1
05 Mar 2020

Registration and morning refreshments

Chair’s welcome remarks

Join Lee Ann Panglea (Head of Scotland and Northern Ireland at CIPD) as she introduces the key themes of the event.
Lee Ann Panglea
Lee Ann Panglea123
Lee Ann Panglea

Opening keynote: putting good work at the heart of the people profession

This opening keynote will discuss:
  • how the people profession can drive fair, meaningful and productive work
  • the principles of good work and why they are key for future success
Speaker: Peter Cheese, Chief Executive, CIPD
Peter Cheese
Peter Cheese123
Peter Cheese

The state of the economy – what’s next for organisations?

In this session, you will discuss:
  • the state of the economy and consequences for organisations
  • are we heading to a new financial crisis?
Speaker: Vicky Pryce, Chief Economic Adviser, Centre for Economics and Business Research
Vicky Pryce123
Vicky Pryce

Morning refreshments and networking

A1 – Fairer work panel discussion: Diversity and inclusion – creating a truly inclusive environment

This breakout session will explore:
  • how conversations at all levels can lead to a more inclusive environment
  • implementing an inclusive culture that is instrumental for the success and growth of your business
Speakers: Doyin Atewologun, Director Gender Leadership and Inclusive Cenenter, Cranfield School of Management Lynne Connolly, Head of D&I, Aberdeen Stan...
Julie Humphreys123
Julie Humphreys
Doyin Atewologun123
Doyin Atewologun
Lynne Connolly123
Lynne Connolly
Jo-Ann Moran123
Jo-Ann Moran

A2 – Productive work case study: Data and analytics – driving evidence-based decisions

  • analyzing the benefits of an evidence-based approach in your organisation to ensure the greatest chance of success
  • exploring  the four sources of evidence considered key to effective evidence-based practice
  Speakers: Edward Houghton, Head of Research and Thought Leadership, CIPD...
Edward Houghton
Edward Houghton123
Edward Houghton
Angela Ignam
Angela Ignam123
Angela Ignam

A3 – Skilled Work Case study – The future of skills in the changing world of work- building skills in the age of automation to set your people apart

  • How can businesses develop agile and resilient workforce for a fast changing future
Speaker: Lizzie Crowley, Senior Skills Advisor, CIPD
Lizzie Crowley
Lizzie Crowley123
Lizzie Crowley

Networking lunch

Panel discussion: The future of the people profession – embedding ethics in business culture

You will learn about:
  • the role of HR in driving ethical decision making 
  • influencing leaders and culture to place ethics and integrity at the heart of the business
  • role modelling ethical leadership and professional principles 
  Chair: Katie Jacobs, Senior Stakeholder Lead, CIPD Panellists:...
Katie Jacobs
Katie Jacobs123
Katie Jacobs
Shirley Rogers123
Shirley Rogers
Vickie Gooch123
Vickie Gooch
Helen Cook123
Helen Cook
Peter Cheese
Peter Cheese123
Peter Cheese

B1 – Fairer work case study: Flexible working – finding a balance to enhance productivity

  • Learning how to use flexible working as a powerful tool to enhance motivation and employee retention 
  • Implementing a flexible and remote working culture in your organisation to increase  your people’s life-work balance
Speakers: Tracey Lenthall, HR Director for Deals LoS and HR Professional Services Leader, PwC

B2 – Productive work – unlocking innovation and productivity: is the secret of work engagement?

  • Defining work engagement, and how it differs to employee engagement
  • Understanding the role of management practices and work engagement, how they influence innovation and ultimately can lead to productivity
Speakers: Ed Houghton, Head of Research and Thought Leadership, CIPD Pa...
Patricia Findlay123
Patricia Findlay
Edward Houghton
Edward Houghton123
Edward Houghton

B3 -Skilled work panel discussion: Upskilling employees for the future of work

  • Exploring how upskilling your employees can be a high cost-saving process for your organisation 
  • Exploring which are the in-demand skills employees need to succeed in the future of work
  Panellists: Paul Campbell, Head of Learning and Organisational Development, Scottish Water
Steve Petrie123
Steve Petrie
Paul Campbell123
Paul Campbell

Afternoon refreshments and networking

The future of work is human

This will discuss:
  • the changing nature of leadership
  • culture and collegiality in accordance with shifting work roles and patterns due to AI and automation
Speaker: John Amaechi OBE, Organisational Psychologist, Director of the UK’s largest NHS Trust 
John Amaechi OBE
John Amaechi OBE123
John Amaechi OBE

Chair’s closing remarks

Hear Lee Ann Panglea (Head of Scotland and Northern Ireland at CIPD) summarise the learnings of the conference.
Lee Ann Panglea
Lee Ann Panglea123
Lee Ann Panglea