CIPD Student
Conference 2021

20 March 2021 | Online

Thanks for attending the online CIPD Student Conference 2021. 

Inspiring you to be your best

Join us alongside hundreds of students and early-career professionals from across the UK and Ireland on Saturday 20 March 2021.  Hear the latest insights in the world of work from inspiring HR leaders and people experts. 

Don’t miss out on this unique digital learning experience and the opportunity for you to connect with other students and build your confidence to excel in your studies and career. 

Expect to learn more about essential CIPD resources, the importance of building your network and online presence and how to take care of your mental health and wellbeing to support your professional growth and impact. 

Throughout the day you’ll be guided through a mix of great organisational case studies, panel discussions, and learning sessions, addressing some of the big and emerging workplace themes including:

  •       inclusion and diversity
  •       learning and development
  •       responsible business and ethical practice.


Day 1
20 Mar 2021
Ashleigh Halpin123
Ashleigh Halpin

Starting with mindfulness 

Daphne Doody-Green123
Daphne Doody-Green

Chair’s welcome remarks

Peter Cheese
Peter Cheese123
Peter Cheese

CIPD Opening: The People Profession 2030

Eugenio Pirri123
Eugenio Pirri

 Keynote: Be the change you wish to see in the world… 

Eugenio Pirri123
Eugenio Pirri

Joint Q&A with Peter Cheese and Eugenio Pirri

11:10 - 11:30

Refreshment break

Garry Dickson123
Garry Dickson

Stream A | Insight & Practice: Inclusion and diversity at work

Maureen Royce123
Maureen Royce

Stream B | Progressing your career: How self-care can help you achieve your career goals

Barry Hayes123
Barry Hayes

Stream B | Progressing your career: Developing your credibility and influence  

12:35 - 13:15

Lunch break

Jenny McCulloch123
Jenny McCulloch
Jeremy Ashdown123
Jeremy Ashdown

Stream A | Insight & Practice: Panel discussion –  facing ethical dilemmas  

Damian Jones123
Damian Jones

Stream B | Progressing your career – Panel discussion: What next? Your HR career path 

Stephanie Davies123
Stephanie Davies

Closing keynote: Embrace the bumps – growth mindset for facing change

Daphne Doody-Green123
Daphne Doody-Green

Chair’s closing remarks

Meet the speakers