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Whether you’re looking to start your career or move it to the next level, this conference is designed to guide and inspire you to take your next step in the people profession and enable you to start making a difference towards better work and working lives. 

If you are a Student Member, join us for free alongside hundreds of CIPD students and early-career professionals from across the UK, Ireland and beyond on Saturday 2 April 2022. Hear the latest insights in the world of work from inspiring HR leaders and people experts.

Come together to hear and learn from experienced professionals, build your confidence, and focus on your personal growth to support your studies and progress in your career. 

Don’t miss out on this unique digital learning experience and the opportunity for you to connect with other students and build your confidence to excel in your studies and career.

Expect to learn more about CIPD resources, the importance of building your network and online presence and how to take care of others and your own mental health and wellbeing.

Throughout the day you’ll be guided through a mix of great organisational case studies, panel discussions, and learning sessions, addressing some of the big and emerging workplace themes including:

  • new ways of working and their consequences for individuals and organisations
  • inclusion and diversity in the workplace and why it is everyone’s business to create a better workplace for everyone
  • how to successfully apply learnings from your study to make a genuine impact at work


Day 1
02 Apr 2022
Ashleigh Halpin123
Ashleigh Halpin

Starting with mindfulness

Daphne Doody-Green123
Daphne Doody-Green

Conference chair’s opening remarks

600 x 400 Valerie Todd
Valerie Todd CBE123
Valerie Todd CBE

Keynote – The future of the people profession

David D’Souza123
David D’Souza

Joint Q&A with CIPD speaker and keynote speaker

10:50 - 11:20

Refreshment Break

600 x 400 Alyson Ainsworth
Alyson Ainsworth, Chartered FCIPD123
Alyson Ainsworth, Chartered FCIPD

A1 Guidance – how to jump start your job search

Jane McDonald123
Jane McDonald

B1 Q&A – Inclusion and diversity: making your personal impact

Sonam Sharma
Sonam Sharma123
Sonam Sharma

A2 Panel discussion – your pathway to Chartered

Callum bennett
Callum Bennett123
Callum Bennett

B2 Insight – how new ways of working can work for you

13:00 - 13:50

Lunch break

Aaron Canty
Aaron Canty123
Aaron Canty

A3 Turning study into impact – stories from award winners

Elouise Leonard Cross
Dr. Elouise Leonard-Cross123
Dr. Elouise Leonard-Cross

B3 Case study – The people profession’s impact on health and wellbeing

Olive Strachan
Olive Strachan MBE123
Olive Strachan MBE

Closing keynote – The Power of You: How to triumph in the face of adversity.

Daphne Doody-Green123
Daphne Doody-Green

Chair’s closing remarks

Meet the speakers