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Recruitment Programme

Recruitment at Talent Acquisition Conferences programme

The Recruitment Conference will showcase the best examples of creating competitive recruitment strategies to win the best talent for your business. You will get the tools to attract the right candidates by enhancing your employer brand, leveraging the power of social recruitment and creating the best candidate experience – coupled with insights into how to ensure unbiased selection and hire the right talent for you.

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Day 1
13 Feb 2019

Chair’s opening remarks

Join Ally Weeks (Chartered MCIPD, HR Consultant, HR Content and CIPD Training) who will introduce the key themes of the conference.
Ally Weeks
Ally Weeks, CIPD123
Ally Weeks, CIPD

Opening keynote: Innovative resourcing to tackle the emerging skills shortage

Barry Flack - Digital HR & Recruitment solutions, HR Tech Advisor.

While most businesses are facing a lack of talent with the right skills, many are beginning to see the impact of automation on their employer proposition. A slow, gradual move away from the old employment deal is upon us. How can we adapt to these emerging trends and utilise the growing platform economy to ensure we keep ahead of competition?
Barry Flack
Barry Flack, HR Tech Advisor123
Barry Flack, HR Tech Advisor

Strategic talent activation: Succeed in a world where ‘just-in-time’ hiring is not enough

Katrina Hutchinson-O'Neill - Talent Acquisition & Retention Expert, Yardstick Associates

Reactive recruitment and ‘just-in-time’ recruitment increasingly has a limited impact in a candidate driven market, and importantly it fails to provide solutions to wider talent needs, proper consideration of cultural fit, and building effective talent pipelines. At a time when the right talent is increasingly difficult to ...
Katrina Hutchinson-O’Neill, Yardstick Associates123
Katrina Hutchinson-O’Neill, Yardstick Associates

Coffee and networking

Practical how-to session: Optimising your use of social media to reach wider talent pools

Stuart Jones - Consultant at In Source Talent Ltd.

Professionals know that social media is a great way to land their dream job. Social platforms are also invaluable to reach passive candidates. How do we stand out and make ourselves visible to potential candidates?

Session title: Optimising your use of social media to reach wider talent pools

This practical session w...
Stuart Jones
Stuart Jones, InSource Talent123
Stuart Jones, InSource Talent

Panel discussion: Assessment tools and interview methods to select the best candidates

Rachel Brooks - Head of Resourcing at Kerry Foods.

Hessie Coleman - Head of People Operations at Starling Bank Ltd.

Robbie Tilleard -  Senior Advisor, Productivity & Economic Growth at The Behavioural Insights Team.

As different roles require different skills, one assessment method doesn’t fit all. This expert panel ...
Robbie Tilleard, The Behavioural Insights Team123
Robbie Tilleard, The Behavioural Insights Team
Rachel Brooks
Rachel Brooks, Kerry Foods123
Rachel Brooks, Kerry Foods
Hessie Coleman
Hessie Coleman, Starling Bank123
Hessie Coleman, Starling Bank

Networking lunch

The power of employer branding – insights into candidate behaviour

Jenny Jackson, Senior Careers Content Editor, Haymarket Business Media Recruitment, and Content Lead for Wonderful Workplaces

Jenny Jackson, Wonderful Workplaces123
Jenny Jackson, Wonderful Workplaces

Case study: The importance of employer brand and candidate experience in ensuring great hires

Sam Jackson - Head of Resourcing at Royal Mencap Society.

In a candidate-driven job market, it’s often the talent who picks the organisation. Employer brand and candidate experience therefore play a key role in ensuring the best talent joins our businesses. How can we maximise our brand and ensure a positive candidate experience to facilitate the best hires?

Session title: The importance of employer br...

Sam Jackson, Royal Mencap Society123
Sam Jackson, Royal Mencap Society

Panel discussion: Thinking outside the box to broaden and diversify your talent pools

Carly Pike - Head of Resourcing, Innovation and Strategy at Barclays.

Carly Perry - Head of Recruitment at Metro Bank.

Jon Stanners - Head of Global Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand at Alpha.

Katrina Hutchinson-O'Neill - Talent Acquisition & Retention Expert at Yardstick Associates. 

Katrina Hutchinson-O’Neill, Yardstick Associates123
Katrina Hutchinson-O’Neill, Yardstick Associates
Carly Pike, Barclays123
Carly Pike, Barclays
Carly Perry, Metro Bank123
Carly Perry, Metro Bank
Jon Stanners, Alpha123
Jon Stanners, Alpha

Coffee and networking

Resilience in recruitment: How to thrive under increased pressure

Carly Perry - Head of Recruitment at Metro Bank.

We all know how time-to-hire is critical business success and costly a bad hire can be. Recruitment professionals are subject to increased pressure to find the best candidates in the shortest amount of time possible. How can we increase our team’s and our own resilience to work well under the pressure?

Session title: Resilience in recruitment - How to th...

Carly Perry, Metro Bank123
Carly Perry, Metro Bank