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28 April 2021 | Online

Be part of the CIPD Wellbeing at Work Conference — Nurturing a healthy workforce to strengthen your business

After the success of the launch edition in 2020, the online CIPD Wellbeing at Work Conference will be back on 28 April 2021. Join us and gain practical tools and in-depth case studies from expert practitioners who are leading the way in the wellbeing space.

As mental health and wellbeing has come under the spotlight during lockdown, organisations have an increased responsibility to ensure they are looking after their people. Effective wellbeing programmes, at times of remote working, represent a fundamental support for both employees and businesses. Healthy staff tend to be more productive, have lower absence rates and are able to make a more positive impact on the organisation as a whole.

The jam-packed agenda will explore how to create a successful wellbeing scheme from the planning stage right through to execution and securing stakeholder buy-in.

Conference takeaways: 

  • Learn the best practice for nurturing positive mental health in the workplace and ensuring your people are properly supported.
  • Learn how to evaluate current staff wellness to design a tailor made wellbeing programme
  • Discover innovative ways of collecting accurate wellbeing data
  • Hear wellbeing quick wins and design strategies with proven effectiveness from the outset
  • Develop organisational resilience to foster wellbeing

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Day 1
28 Apr 2021
Jonny Gifford
Jonny Gifford123
Jonny Gifford

Chair’s opening remarks

Becky Thoseby123
Becky Thoseby
Matt Elliott123
Matt Elliott

Wellbeing quick wins — Designing a wellbeing strategy that shows proven effectiveness from the outset

11:20 - 11:50 (BST)

Morning break

Karen Smith123
Karen Smith
Nikki Owen123
Nikki Owen

How to beat stress in just 10 minutes

13:00 - 14:00 (BST)

Lunch break

Gemma Dale123
Gemma Dale

Case study: Combating digital presenteeism — how to properly support staff working remotely

Sonya Wallbank123
Sonya Wallbank

Panel discussion: Wellbeing at times of crisis — Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic

Neil Greenberg123
Neil Greenberg

Keynote: Moral injury, mental health and COVID

15:45 - 16:15 (BST)

Afternoon break

Rachel Suff123
Rachel Suff

Case study: The ‘squeezed middle’ — Investing in line managers to improve employee wellbeing

Louise Aston
Louise Aston123
Louise Aston

Closing keynote: Build back responsibly to drive sustainable employee wellbeing

Jonny Gifford
Jonny Gifford123
Jonny Gifford

Chair’s closing remarks

Meet the speakers