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Wellbees is a B2B, SaaS employee wellbeing platform triggering behavior change through social interactions within companies. Wellbees is a one-stop-shop for all things employee wellbeing for Human Resources professionals, giving the department about 80% savings on time and budget consumed. 82% of all users on Wellbees gain at least one new healthy habit as a result of using the platform.

85% of the workforce today is suffering from work-related stress. However, those who are well perform 27% better on average and are 34% more engaged to their companies. How do you then, as a Human Resources professional support a wellbeing-prone culture and your people on their behavior change journey? Wellbees believes the answer lies in a platform with a multi-layered change approach giving employees an end-to-end support including but not limited to access to one-on-one video calls with experts, on-demand wellbeing content, and inspiring challenges. Wellbees currently serves over 70K+ employees in 34 companies, 10 countries, and five languages.

To learn more, visit: wellbees.co/