Leandro Nunes Leite

Head of Enterprise Systems, Aviv Group

With a background as a technology consultant at Accenture, I began my career helping clients implement and enhance their internal systems. However, it was in the dynamic fintech industry where I truly excelled. Joining first SumUp and afterwards Klarna, two prominent players in the sector, I played an important role during their scale-up phases. My focus was on assisting their HR teams in identifying the optimal tech stack to overcome their challenges and leverage data analytics for success.

Throughout my journey, I spearheaded successful projects encompassing people systems, operations, workforce planning, compensation and benefits, payroll, performance management, and people analytics. The last one became my main focus in my recent years and I had the opportunity to collaborate with an exceptional team at Klarna to develop solutions benefiting various internal stakeholders. These solutions empowered the company to make more data-driven decisions concerning its workforce.

Currently, I have embraced a fresh opportunity at the Aviv Group, where I assume leadership of the area responsible for HR and Finance systems and data.