Laura Willis

Co-Founder, Shine Offline

Laura Willis is one of the UK’s leading experts on managing workplace mental health in a digital age and a thought-leader on minimising digital overload at work and protecting work-life balance in our always-on world. She co-founded Digital Wellbeing at Work consultancy Shine Offline in 2015 with the aim of helping businesses to improve their digital workplace cultures by supporting staff and leaders to have healthier, more sustainable relationships with their technology. In 2013 Laura’s dysfunctional relationship with her work email, and increasingly disintegrating work life balance, led to her experience a period of poor mental health. Her journey of recovery, which involved learning to balance and regain control of the role digital technology played in her life, went on to inspire Shine Offline. An entertaining, engaging and candid speaker, Laura has worked with employees from over 150 organisations including the UK Parliament, The Crown Prosecution Service, the NHS, The Crown Estate, Addleshaw Goddard LLP, ITV and Discovery.