Jill Burgess

Co-Chair, Licenced Menopause in the Workplace Trainer and freelance HR consultant, CIPD West of Scotland

In addition to owning my own HR consultancy, and supporting organisations with HR projects, strategy & advice, I’m a licenced menopause trainer and active campaigner for highlighting the importance of raising awareness and improving understanding of menopause within workplaces. I provide advice and support on this topic to multiple organisations of differing sizes. We often hear that menopause affects 50% of the population, but the reality is that it affects pretty much everyone directly or indirectly at some stage in their lives. Whether we look at this topic through the employee wellbeing, or the ED&I lens, we can recognise its importance, especially as menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic in the workplace today. In the current war for attracting and retaining top talent, the importance of creating supportive and inclusive cultures has never been clearer. One of the most popular and impactful initiatives I provide is menopause awareness training for managers and employees to aid their understanding of how they can navigate this period of transition personally, support their colleagues or team members, and also their friends and family members.