Andy Charlwood

Professor in Human Resources Management, University of Leeds

After reading History at the University of Liverpool, Andy gained an MSc and PhD from the Industrial Relations Department of the London School of Economics. Andy began his academic career as a lecturer in HRM at the University of Kent in 2001, moving to Leeds for the first time as lecturer in HRM and Industrial Relations in 2003. He has also held the posts of senior lecturer at the universities of Warwick, York and professor of HRM at Loughborough University, re-joining Leeds in September 2016.

Andy's main research interests are in the use of digital technologies in HR and people management, with a particular focus on the healthcare workforce, and job quality and subjective wellbeing at work. He is particularly interested in the ways in which AI analytics and the digitisation of people management are changing HRM and workers’ experiences. His research is interdisciplinary in its approach, drawing on ideas and methods from the sociology of work and employment, work psychology and labour economics.

Andy has held research grants from the Department of Trade and Industry, the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) and the British Academy. He is currently working on a National Institute for Health Research funded project looking at the relationships between workforce and care quality in care homes ( He is a founder member of the HR Analytics Think Tank ( a University/Industry research collaboration. In 2014 he held a year-long research fellowship, funded by the British Academy, to investigate job satisfaction and subjective well-being at work in Britain from a sociological perspective, looking at how social norms and social structure shape the expectations and aspirations that people have about work and how this in turn shapes their evaluations of subjective well-being.