Daryl Sutcliffe

Head of Talent Acquisition, The Restaurant Group Plc

Daryl Sutcliffe is a dedicated professional with a passion for talent acquisition, focused on enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to reach their potential. She has built her career around talent acquisition, connecting purpose and potential with the right opportunities, whether at entry level, volume, or specialist recruitment. Daryl Sutcliffe has accumulated over 16 years of experience in the recruitment field across diverse industries, moving in-house with Co-op in 2016, and more recently joining The Restaurant Group. Throughout her career, Daryl has dedicated herself to aiding businesses in crafting effective strategies, fostering team engagement to establish streamlined processes, and cultivating environments conducive to both candidate and business triumph.

Daryl's also an ambassador for Girls Out Loud after she joined their Big Sister Programme. Observing Freya's remarkable transformation in confidence throughout the program left a mark on Daryl. Daryl's appointment as an Ambassador was a genuine honour, offering her the chance to kindle inspiration in the upcoming generation of young women, guiding them toward realising their full potential. This role carries profound personal significance for Daryl, who, when not engrossed in her professional pursuits, is dedicated to nurturing her two strong-willed daughters.