Phoebe Garfinkel

HR Director UK, AstraZeneca

Phoebe Garfinkel was appointed to the role of HR Director effective 1st July 2023. Previously, Phoebe was Director, Talent & Development, BBU, leading the Talent & Development (T&D) agenda for the BBU globally. In her role Phoebe, who joined AstraZeneca 3 years ago, improved the quality and diversity of the cross-commercial senior and critical role talent pipeline, led critical capability builds including the refresh of the Country President DC and the design & delivery of the NextGen Medical Academy, and worked across functions and geographies to ensure access to world-class learning opportunities for everyone in the BBU.

Phoebe has lived and worked in the US, Netherlands, Italy, and the UK, and has experience across multiple industries and sectors. She is a certified Executive and Team coach, has an undergraduate degree in Poetry from Colorado College, and a Masters in Public Administration from Cornell University. Phoebe lives with her husband and 3 children (twins!) in Cambridge and loves to travel, cook, run, cycle, dance, garden, and read outside of work. She brings an innate curiosity, creativity, and dedication to inclusion and belonging, as well as more than 15 years experience leading People & Organisation agendas.