Becky Thoseby

Head of Workplace Wellbeing, Ministry of Justice

Becky Thoseby owns the wellbeing offer for employees at the Ministry of Justice.  Her primary focus is creating a culture of wellbeing in the organisation.  Recent work includes:

Running an organisation’s first employee wellbeing survey, a diagnostic tool to target interventions where they are most needed;

Designing and delivering training for senior leaders, focused on developing self-awareness and behaviour change;

Changing the picture painted of a high performer to recognise that colleagues with wellbeing issues can still be high performers if the issue is managed well;

Providing coaching to individual senior managers to address wellbeing issues arising in their areas;

Designing and delivering training for line managers on how to make wellbeing an integral part of their management approach.

Becky also practices as a wellbeing coach, both privately and as part of her role, and has delivered mindfulness sessions across the Civil Service.