Melanie Franklin

Author, Agile Change Management

Empowers staff to plan, lead and implement transformational change, including the adoption of new target operating models, the implementation of platforms and systems, the creation of new cultures and ways of working. She builds trusted, empathetic relationships with stakeholders who have not led large-scale transformational change before, ensuring they have the skills and confidence to develop their own approach to change. 

Acknowledged as a thought leader in transformational change, through authorship of 10 books, and practical consulting for global organisations including the United Nations, utility and telecoms, global consultancies, universities, health services and central government functions in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

Founder of ChangeabilityPro™, an online platform for developing practical skills and capabilities for achieving organisational change and transformations, delivering on her belief that we need to provide the answers for how to make change happen, reducing the stress of constant, high volumes of change.

Melanie is a talented communicator and has a reputation for delivering complex information with humour and passion. She draws on her wealth of practical experience to illustrate concepts and to engage her audience in lively debates on advantages and disadvantages of each approach that she outlines.